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Maintaining Your Eavestroughs at Home Eavestroughs are among the easiest things to clean especially considering how dirty this task is. Even so, it has to be done to prevent water damage to your home and increases the potential to an insurance claim in case it happens. You will not face charges of negligence when you did your part of taking care of the eavestroughs. Furthermore, these troughs are useful because they help redirect rainwater away from your house foundation thus protecting it. The only unfortunate thing is that these eavestroughs are not easy to clean and maintain. However, it must be done no matter how difficult it is. The first thing you need to do before cleaning is gather the tools you need for the process. The first item on your list should be an extendable ladder. This ensures that you get to the higher heights safely. In addition, when you choose the right adder chances are that you will be able to prevent any damages that are likely to occur on your eavestrough. Wear the right cleaning gear when you decide to handle your eavestroughs. You should choose a long sleeved shirt that you have no problem getting dirty. Remember that the cleaning process is dirty and tedious. Rubber gloves will also come in handy when you need to deal with leaves that have accumulated over the years.
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Once you have collected all the items you need for a successful cleaning exercise, the next thing should be to understand how to do the actual cleaning. Having someone hold the ladder for you while you work is one of the things you need to do. Consider using a systematic approach that allows you to move from one point of the eavestroughs to another without missing any spot. In addition, you need to focus on areas that channel water from the roof. The moment you are done removing the large dirt chunks make sure that you run water through the roof in order to eliminate any tiny leaves. In addition, this will help you detect any leaks that need patching once you are done cleaning or when you decide to conduct your routine maintenance next.
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Repair is a crucial part of maintenance of your eavestroughs. You need to ensure that all areas that have been damaged over the years are mended before they deteriorate to a no salvage point. You should seal any cracks once you remove accumulated dirt especially those that have formed layers. You can use silicon gel, which helps cover all cracks and leaks giving you a whole year of protection thus saving you the need to replace them. Carry out regular inspections to know if anything is amiss or if everything is working out as expected.

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