35 points only a flash in the pan old people of par Paul a blacksmith spree Tencent sports may 2 news nets home 87-111 defeat the Hawks

35 points only a flash in the pan old people of par Paul a blacksmith spree Tencent sports may 2 news nets home 87-111 defeat the Hawks, nets the total score of the series 2-4 were hawks eliminated, Deron Williams had 13 points and weakness of the Savior. Although Williams in the series had the performance of a single field 35 points, but just a flash in the pan, the former par Paul point guard, the eagle and 6 war hit rate of only 39%. Fourth Games series, Williams scored 35 points, making people vaguely see the fat boy peak. But the 35 points for today’s Deron is rare, is beyond conventional outbreak, after all, he had not the Salt Lake City during the period of the Paul and striving to alliance first point guard Deron Williams. In 35 minutes before the game two battles, Williams got a total of 5 points, shooting 15 in 2. In 35 minutes after the war in fifth, 8 in 2 Williams won only 5 points. Six games for the nets is either win or go home game, Delong is voted 10 5 13 points and four assists, hit rate can also, but with 13 points and four assists is clearly not enough to save the game. In the series, Delong shooting hit rate of only 39%, 11.8 PPG, 6 game three games failed to score in double, once again verify the the cruel reality, now the Delong erupt too rare, sluggish unexpectedly is the norm. Shooting is a sign of the season’s blacksmith, he hit only 38.7% in the regular season, averaging 13 points and the lowest since his rookie season. Deron Williams this season from the basket in the range of 3 feet shooting only 45.7%, which is most close to the rim of the region, usually cast of players have the most accurate position, but Delong in this region of the hit rate even 46% less than. Can do a simple comparison, Paul season in within 3 feet of the basket shooting hit rate is 64.2%, on him the season this data is up to 70.6%. Delong not only basket cast was not allowed, other region is also very bad, 3 to 10 feet from the basket is 37.7%. 10 to 16 feet is 39% and 16 feet to the three-point arc is 35.1%, and Paul season the three data are 48.8%, 51.9% and 48.7%. Delong lost quasi main reason is the body to die, best Delong able-bodied speed, explosive force is very strong, serious now Delong knee tendinitis, this point and Wade (micro blog) somewhat similar. Knee tendinitis of the biggest negative impact is to cut down on athletic ability, many health to make the action, and now it is difficult to achieve. Sir effect of Delong, and his teammates to pick and roll, two strides to the basket, with explosive force and physical confrontation crashed through the defensive shot creation space, now Delong only is occasionally played such an offensive. Most of the time do not come. "With the passage of time, over the years become worse the," Williams said himself admitted that "before each of the shooting training. I look forward to you can persist, can play a good state. I was very painful, but once the game started, I would try to." Yes, Williams really hard, but once some things lost, really can not come back)

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