4th floor neighbor often complaints.&quot

Foshan Guo Kailun seen cousin for example don’t mind Guo Ailun takes more Guo Kailun (right) newspaper reporter & nbsp; Zhang Yu if talking about Foshan defender Guo Kailun. Perhaps most fans are not know is who, he and Allan have blood relationship, guoyilun is two years older than Guo Kailun, is his cousin. Because the relationship between the brothers, Guo Kailun will often be brought many people and cousin, this now Guo Kailun already look was very open, "now that I am older, don’t mind everyone in front of me brought his brother." Each bull is the brother won speaking of the relationship between Guo Allan and Guo Kailun, also speaking Guo Shiqiang, Allan’s father is Guo Shiqiang’s brother, Guo Karen’s father is Guo Shiqiang’s brother. Two young people play basketball, a backward Team Liaoning, Allenby Karen is two years older, so his brother a team, the younger brother is still young team. "We grew up playing together, what impressed me most is to go to grandma’s home, a small basket, the two brothers always made an appointment to see a lot of, grandma lived in the fifth floor, 4th floor neighbor often complaints." Talk about the past, and his brother, Guo Kailun very happy. Guo Kailun grow and brother are somewhat similar, more significant immature warm some men and women, "brother and compared, my character partial introverted some, so we in addition to basketball, rarely go out to play." Guo Kailun said to now the Chinese New Year back home, brothers of the theme or basketball. "My brother is that a day without playing bear, so often I get to the museum to play bullfight on, every time brother win." Want to give up when he thought about the brother of the brother of the brother win, and now the achievements in basketball is a brother of a body, Karen like a catch, "before every time someone in front of my brother, also not live in his shadow, that is, there will be a knot in the heart, after all, they are not up to the standard, but now, it may be because of growing up." Although childhood is taken out of a coach of enlightenment, although a lot of people say Gedi technical style, especially the onrush ball like, now Guo Kailun each will say "like", because their game experience and reading competition ability and brother have not a small gap. Because of the Liaoning team defender position on talents, last Guo Kailun do a bold decision: to Foshan Nanfang. Last season, most of the following second team training and competition, he has had a CBA playing experience, the new season with had Lingxu from the team, Guo Kailun have the stronger competitive ability, the challenge, he and Shi shared a number of playing time. "In Foshan is quite homesick, every time I feel not smooth, and even want to give up, I will think of my brother, he is my role model." The dream is to have, perhaps one day, Guo Ailun brothers will be like the Gasol brothers at the same time in the national team?

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