8 in the morning and fall

1 the candlelight, moonlight makes women change beauty

The latest investigation shows

global a covering more than 6000 women, 37% of women in the light of the candle or the moonlight sex more enjoyable, because of the special wavelength candle and the moonlight can let a woman’s skin looks more delicate, ruddy.

2 men change position just to please a woman

not every man is interested in bed change postures, in fact they do more to please a woman. From the physiological structure, the degree of fault position of man to woman is much lower than. As long as there is no excessive muscle crush, they can use almost any kind of posture orgasm.

3 "autosuggestion" let a woman

run faster

most women love romance. The therapist says, woman in bed "autosuggestion" better than men. Experts do 3 months follow-up survey on a group of women, 34% said in her boyfriend and intimate, if fantasy beach, blue sky, clouds and other natural scenes, the climax comes faster.

4 more busy during the day, night more releases

the British psychological researchers found during the day, women displayed more capable, more need to release the pressure of the night. Too tired to omit and her boyfriend. "Superwoman", craving can be accumulated gradually, causes the heart line collapse, which is why "superwoman" relationship often appear obstacles. So the work is busy, also take time to spend the night with her boyfriend.

5 in the car to make love, woman more secure

Display the latest survey research center America female medical

, 19% of women like the car as a warm place. Because the car has good sealing property, is a flow of "bed", can bring a sense of security more strongly than the bedroom. If you want to change to a new pattern, may wish to close from the place of the bedroom is moved to the back of the car.

6 don’t after sex difference

love psychologists say, if the lover in the daytime respectively, will be the future to look forward to, but if the election is at night, especially in sexual life after saying goodbye, will have a "permanent separation" feeling. Therefore even temporarily respectively, also not in the bed, or both will feel very depressed.

7 men see red cross sexual excitement, the woman saw purple sexual fantasy

Spain medical experts say men saw the red sexual excitement, and the woman because the relationship between menstruation, see red but will have a physiological sense of fear. In the purple atmosphere bedroom affectionate, a woman’s sexual excitement will be higher than usual one half. Because the purple and the body mucosa similar color, can let a woman have a rich fantasy.

8 in the morning and fall, men most desire of life

men are not available. Finland medical experts say the man’s sexual desire and body of the male hormone is proportional to. Every morning the male hormone secretion is a times > noon

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