a regular routine system and a good state of mind

"size" is not the standard although women for breast fullness in the chest dream of, but in the eyes of experts, the judgment of breast bodybuilding and not standard can not only lies in the "size".

"breast beauty with respect to health, shape and flexibility is more important than size." Experts said, the female breast is a multiple things organ, hypertrophy of breast breast smaller more susceptible to disease. Therefore, from the health point of view, should pay more attention to the breast shape and flexibility, but not too rigidly adhere to the size.

experts said, bilateral symmetry, the skin smooth and plump breast is healthy. From the morphological point of view, in our country and even the international recognized the most beautiful breast is hemispherical (breast protrusion length — breast nipple to the base of the height of about 4-5cm, equal to the breast basal circle diameter of 1/2), and the cone (breast protrusion length — to breast nipple base height about 6-7cm, greater than the breast basal circumference diameter 1/2) of the breast is the most ideal.

Aesthetic standard

breast is plump, mellow, tall and straight, stands, elastic, bilateral symmetry, the shape and the position of the basic size of the nipple and areola nipple rose pink, cylindrical, slightly upward, milk axis and the chest wall is almost a 90 degree angle. The distance between the two nipples nipple to the sternal notch is equal to the distance, namely two nipple connection and the sternal notch of the three form an equilateral triangle.

specific to each individual, how breast is beautiful? Tan Banglan and Wang Dan said, from the breast and the height of the golden ratio, if the height is set to 8 head, then calculated from feet to head: nipple in the 6 1/10 head office, in other words, lower the amount of margin midpoint lines parallel to the nipple distance of 9/10 head, (visual, lower the amount of margin to the nipple distance is approximately equal to yourself a head), the nipple to the navel distance equal to a head of the distance.

from the scale and height chest circumference size ratio of view, breast size and height to a certain proportion, for each human, bust size and its own height golden ratio: on the chest / height =0.53 (ratio).

example: 160cm height women, the chest should be X=160cm (height) × 0.53 (=84.8cm ratio), and so on.

holds the best breast enhancement stage breast size is not immutable and frozen, according to the introduction, in addition to individual operation means, through appropriate adjustment, can change the size of the breast.

breast size in addition to relate with genetic, dietary structure reasonable (to provide adequate nutrition and breast tissue of ovarian synthetic hormone precursor nutrients), a regular routine system and a good state of mind (conducive to coordination of autonomic nerve on the endocrine system command) for breast conservation and whether (active and passive movement can promote breast blood circulation, enhance local nutrient supply and strong chest, strong breast) all contribute to the milk >

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