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Why You Need to Hire a Probate Lawyer The official procedure for managing the estate of a dead person, resolving disputes and distributing the property left by the deceased under a will begins with granting of the probate to the executor of the will. This is when the court confirms and acknowledges that the will is the genuine and valid document that shows the decedent’s last testimony. Nevertheless, a will can be challenged through a probate. You will need a probate attorney for such a case and many others as explained below. You may need a probate lawyer, also known as a trust attorney, to assist you in trust planning. A professional is very useful when you have big assets to manage legally, hence need for the trust attorney. You do not want to end up in a personal liability lawsuit because of handling your estate illegally. You need a probate attorney to effectively handle the medical powers of attorney and the power of attorney. For the security of your loved ones after your death, you need to correctly write your will and testimony and this can be done excellently with the assistance of a trust attorney. All lawful aspects that need to be handled when you die such as how tax will be filed and mortgage paid, will be taken care of in a will that has been drafted with the help of a trust attorney who understands what is expected. To prevent omission of important details that may lead to disagreements among the bereaved, employ an estate lawyer to help you write a complete will that assigns the correct people the right estates. You may also appoint him as the executor of the will.
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If the decedent chose you as his executor, a trust lawyer will assist you in filing of papers required in a probate court. He will also be of great help in timely execution of the will. With the aid of the probate attorney, you can clarify the unclear statements in the will ensuring that the property is divided as per the wishes of the dead. The professional will aid in issues to do with income taxes, re-titling the decedent’s properties to the beneficiaries and asking the court for consent for different actions.
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To wrap up, make sure that you have contracted a qualified probate attorney. It is not a must for you to contract a trust attorney but you will have an upper hand when you have one. The attorney should be knowledgeable about his area of expertise, has experience and advises you accordingly. The right probate lawyer will ensure that the will is executed properly.

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