absorption and destruction in the blood

US genetic gene is not a key factor in deciding the size of your chest, but the day after tomorrow breast development when you do a lot of harm it. Flat chested ten attacks, are quietly eroding your chest, not only let your chest flat, but also accelerated the senescence of breast.

1: black lace underwear material flat chested, nylon too much

underwear with all kinds of chemical fiber, nylon fabric Lycra, now looked stiff and many.

But excessive

lace nylon material, in contact with skin, can cause skin sensitive, and may even have a small head off into the papillary projections, entanglement jam lactiferous hole or the milk ducts, causing dysgalactia or formation of mastitis.

so when choosing underwear material must choose good air permeability, can spend in this regard money not to save money and causing unnecessary damage to the chest.

2: touch the breast flat chested black brutal action

breast very fragile, cannot treat them harshly.

when the breast by the severe impact, small vessel within it will rupture, hemorrhage, hematoma formation after being so, absorption and destruction in the blood, it will form a cyst.

It is important to understand the

good lactation method, proper health habits.

Black 3 ratite: sideways position caused breast asymmetry


term is partial to one side sleeping posture increases a woman’s breast asymmetry.

not only so, asymmetric limb action can also influence the breast blood circulation, resulting in unilateral breast development quickly.

physiological bilateral breast asymmetry with development, to correct bad habits of physical maturity, or after a benign stimulation repeatedly effective, when breast and gonadal axis and establish a stable biological feedback, on both sides of the breast will gradually tend to symmetry, do not have to worry too much. .

4 development stages: flat chested Blackhand unhealthy weight control

in breast development stage, if the medicine reducing weight, can cause endocrine disorders, causing the sex hormone secretion disorder, affect the development of breast! In the sex hormone, estrogen and progesterone can promote breast development, increase breast tissue fat.

so, should not only thin, regardless of health, finally get the Xiangshou place is thin, but not the thin places became the airport, so a means of weight loss can not be too impatient or will inevitably fall into a flat chested embarrassment.

flat chested Blackhand 5: estrogen secretion is not normal

breast health development and forming closely related to estrogen active, mostly estrogen secretion uneven, too little or too much, cause common unilateral and solitary, slow growth, or even stop growing and premature sagging.

estrogen secretion caused by bad, for lack of activity in hormone ratite best use some with activated Feng >

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