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people dilinghua abortion operation risk

people gradually appear dilinghua trend, according to statistics, about half of people with less than 25 years old, mostly college students, even the younger girl. Engaging in unprotected sex in the unconscious, resulting in "willful" after be at a loss what to do. For young people, the harm of people may be more big, will leave many sequela.

operation of stream of people is not professional, there are many risks. Young people, especially unmarried women, unexpected pregnancy, for concealing the psychological, most would choose in private clinics, health and professional aspects have deficiencies. Secondly, even the normal operation of stream of people are also at risk.

1, massive hemorrhage. Improper operation may cause intraoperative bleeding. Artificial abortion operation over 200ml bleeding may lead to hemorrhagic shock and hemorrhagic anemia, serious person can produce DIC (coagulopathy) endanger life security.

2, anaesthetic accident. Drug anesthesia is not suitable for everyone, and the operation process of anesthesia may cause certain risks. For the operation of stream of people, especially the analgesia stream of people, the use of narcotic drugs and may be some accidents, such as anesthetic drug allergy, intravenous anesthesia (general anesthesia) lead to respiratory and circulatory disorder. The anesthesiologist, improper operation, anesthesia accident treatment is not timely can be dangerous.

3, incomplete abortion. Not all people are more common situation, especially the doctor operation process lack of experience is not fully, intrauterine remains embryonic tissue, stream of people is not the plenary session for the performance of postoperative vaginal bleeding profusely for more than two weeks, the need for curettage operation again, for patients may have two damage certain.

4 infection, postoperative. Artificial abortion operation, operation environment is not clean, the disinfection of medical instruments is not strict and so may cause infection in operation. In addition, the postoperative health improper handling, or eager to sexual life, can cause postoperative infection. Artificial abortion operation may be inflammation induced acute endometritis, annex inflammation, pelvic inflammation and other gynecological.

5, prone to cause infertility. Clinical go up very on infertility patients because of abortion and sequelae. Especially for the repeated abortion patients, infertility is more likely. If multiple painless, endometrium after some damage, if the uterus is too thin, after pregnancy, likely habitual abortion or infertility, abortion and, as a kind of operation, also can cause the disease such as 3% secondary infertility. Because people are likely to cause infection or inflammation of Department of gynaecology cause all sorts of, will disturb the normal conception, cause female infertility can be, the occurrence of secondary infertility.

6, psychological damage. Painless after worry pregnant again, may cause for fear of sexual life, cause discordant couples, some women in the stream will decrease hemorrhage, tension, appeared pale, sweating, dizziness, chest tightness, slow heartbeat, blood pressure decline and other symptoms.

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