adolescent girls should make a breast care

girls after puberty, breast developed significantly, showing women plump body and the curve of the United states. Then the adolescent girls how to prepare for a breast care, to make their own breast more plump and healthy?

adolescent breast development is normal physiology phenomenon, but also one of the symbols of bodybuilding, adolescent girls should make a breast care, should be full double protect their breast to health, we should do the following:

1, strengthen take exercise, do bodybuilding chest.

is mainly to strengthen the chest exercise muscles, such as do more appropriate chest movement or push ups, aerobics and other chest. Chest gymnastics can promote breast development and breast muscle under the chest muscle, is a foundation for breast, breast smaller, pectoral muscle increases breast projection;

for obese people, at the same time pectoral increase can reduce the excessive accumulation of fat in the breast, enhancing its elasticity, preventing breast ptosis. Should pay attention to when necessary, sports bra, or when the breast movement will continue to swing, easy to cause the breast ptosis.

2, don’t be shy in a corset.

girls after puberty, breast developed significantly, showing women plump body and the curve of the United states. But there are some girls in the shy or the pursuit of the so-called slim, commonly used tape tight vest, things like the breast tightly package bundle up.

it is very adverse to health. Corset can make the chest organs?? heart, lungs are oppressed, so that the lungs can not fully stretch of expansion, will limit the development of thoracic volume, affect the appearance and thoracic thoracic, so that the development and function of heart and lung is affected, is not conducive to the effective absorption of oxygen enough, for the health of the body very bad.

at the same time, corset effect of breast development, so that the nipple depression, still can make mammary gland development is restricted, later influences the secretion of milk, and cause feeding difficulties.

3, select the appropriate brassiere.


wear suitable can be supported breast care, ensure the smooth flow of blood circulation, prevent breast unstable movement, but also has anti – outside, cold and warm effect. When to start wearing a bra?

because of breast development individual difference is very big, bad delineation of age, according to the development situation of breast, generally begins with the basic shape of breast when wear suitable, also somebody puts forward, through the nipple to the breast under the distance between the bottom of the bottom from the breast with a soft tape measure, length greater than 16 cm, can wear a bra.

4, avoid injury.

in labor and sports. Must pay attention to protecting the breast, to avoid injury or crush injury. Breast development process, sometimes there may be a slight pain or itch, do not use hand knead crowded or scratching.

5, strengthen nutrition and full exercise.

breast is a part of all, without a good system can not >

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