also accompanied with abnormal menstrual symptoms

pregnancy will all pay more attention to the ovulation, pregnancy must have the egg, but some people find themselves not detecting ovulation or eggs are not mature, so what method can ovulation? Xiaobian today give you eat these foods can promote ovulation, everyone together to have a look.

is an important reproductive organ of the female ovary, in the women’s menstrual cycle, every month there will be a time of ovulation, the egg formation and discharge is accomplished by the ovary. Ovulation is the female reproductive cells in each month by the side of the ovaries to produce an egg, by in vivo FSH, LH, estrogen and secreted by the hypothalamus gonadotropin releasing hormone hormones influence.

in the ovulation period, women’s fertility is very strong, therefore, people often come to grasp this time conception. However, if the bad ovulation or anovulation, we need to through some methods to achieve normal ovulation. What to eat food can stimulate ovulation?

ovulation can eat celery

should eat more cereals in daily life, these are all rich in phytoestrogens, can promote ovulation. In addition to Cereals, sunflower seeds, fennel, and like beans, onions and so on, these foods also contain rich in estrogen, so there is often no ovulation in female friends should eat these foods.

ovulation can eat soy foods

in the face of what to eat to promote ovulation problems, female friend should eat some food containing plant estrogen amount in daily life, because a lot of times women can appear not ovulation is mostly due to low estrogen causes. There are a lot of life contains a plant estrogen food, such as black beans, black beans, black beans soup Soybean Milk. Black beans can promote follicular development effect very good, also can supplement of estrogen, so experts advise women friends, should eat black beans in the period before and after menstruation, to facilitate the stimulation of estrogen secretion.

ovulation can eat soup

congenital normalization

a lot of women not only not ovulation, also accompanied with abnormal menstrual symptoms, for this part of the female, in daily life should drink some congenital normalization decoction. It has the efficacy of regulating menstruation birth, women hurt because of the Qing Zhi, irregular menstruation, it has very good conditioning effect could not conceive and other symptoms.

[composition] 24 grams of ginseng 30 grams Atractylodes (stir fried with bran) white Poria Cocos (peeled) 30 grams, 12 grams of licorice 30 grams Chuanxiong Angelica 36 grams Rehmannia (washing with wine) 30 grams TGP 24 grams of Amomum villosum 21 grams (speculation) Rhizoma Cyperi 21 grams of dried orange peel 18 grams of Achyranthes 24 grams (wine fried) Pinellia 21 grams (Tang Pao) cortex moutan 21 grams (bone)

[usage] fourteen flavor, equipartition ten agent. Each serving a agent, add ginger 3, water 400 milliliter fry, fasting clothes. Sediment to fry, pro lying taking. Not before by take 5 agent, after serving 5 agent. This medicine as >

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