also added some minerals. Add the milk to the Mashed Potato

in addition to eat fruits and nuts and other convenient entrance snacks, and I will always do "add a meal for myself". Match 8 Women’s Day is coming, give women friends recommend 3 I used to do "eat", which is simple, nutrition, taste good.

purple sweet potato hill


ingredients: 400 grams of purple sweet potato, yam 100 grams.

productions: 1 purple sweet potato, yam steamed into mud. 2 with a clean gauze wrapped in purple sweet potato 40 grams, plus 10 grams of yam in purple sweet potato on. After 3 covered with a clockwise gently twist. 4 open after the steamed stuffed bun shaped mountain charge of purple sweet potato.

nutritional analysis: purple sweet potato is rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, has good anti-oxidation action, which is rich in anthocyanins can alleviate eye fatigue, is good for eyesight protection. Mucus quality, amylase and other active substances yam contains, have nourishing effect, help digestion.

calcium milk balls

ingredients: milk 500 ml, 250 ml rice wine.

production: 1 Preparation of fresh milk and rice wine juice, ratio of 2: 1. 2 put the milk into the pot heated, until a small bubbles up, slowly pour the wine juice, mixing and stirring, and continue to heat the mixture until the pot, appearing in the whey separation state. 3 whey become completely transparent pale green, off the fire will squeeze the water with gauze to remove solids, at this time the "solid milk" has a very good set. 4 solid milk made conveniently placed in the mouth of small balls, can also sprinkle some sweet scented osmanthus honey or as a decoration.

nutritional analysis: milk is thought to be "calcium source" the ideal, for the lactose intolerant people put pure milk "dairy products" can alleviate these problems to a large extent. Milk is rich in quality protein, including minerals and trace elements are dissolved state, the ratio of contents of various minerals, especially calcium, phosphorus ratio appropriate, easy digestion and absorption.

made Mashed Potato

ingredients: potatoes 200 grams, 50 ml of milk, honey 10 grams, jujube 8.

productions: 1 fresh potatoes 200 grams, cleaned to remove the skin, diced. Drain 2 pot of steamed potatoes, steamed soft. 3 steamed potatoes crushed into mud, evenly sprinkle honey (or not added), milk. 4 jujube cooked, peeled to the core of Daocheng Zaoni, evenly placed in Mashed Potato around.

nutritional analysis: potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C and other vitamins and potassium and other minerals, its nutrient density is much higher than that of rice and other staple food. The addition of a small amount of honey instead of sugar, not only ease the potatoes taste Guadan, also added some minerals. Add the milk to the Mashed Potato, far better than adding kinds of salad sauce. Red dates are rich in minerals such as iron and polyphenols, can not only improve the Mashed Potato taste, but also make the color more attractive.

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