also has elite level projection capabilities

Lvshan army at Portland star Daniel A De rate of four? Green sweater? Is it possible to dispatch of sports of sina Beijing time on May 13 message, according to the masslive reported, the Boston Celtics this season well, exceeded expectations, they offseason will continue to adjust, the message says, army green goal is likely also to poach the Portland Trail Blazers, two players?? LaMarcus Aldridge [microblogging] and Wesley Matthews. CSNNE reporter A. Schroeder – Brackley that Celtic summer targets are likely to be two free agent pioneer, LaMarcus Aldridge and Matthews. "My understanding is that the Celtics are likely to be open to a certain type of package," said Black. "They will not only bring Aldridge, but also bring a good friend, his name is Mathews Wesley. Now, if you are the Celtics, you can make a deal to bring these two guys to come here, then you will do." Although Aldridge initial plan is to stay in Portland, but the beginning of the second half of the season, there is news that Aldridge is likely to leave; and in the end of the season, the Spurs and Mavs have appeared in the list of gossip, they are Aldridge is most likely to join the team. The Celtics have the opportunity spoiler? At least the green shirt is willing. Danny Anji, President of basketball operations, said he would chase the "every" talented and a rising space. Aldridge, of course, in line with this condition, the 29 year old star players in recent years, the state is very stable, this season he averaged 23.4 points and 10.2 rebounds. Blakely was asked to estimate the probability of the Celtics in the form of a percentage. He is also relatively high profile, gives a very direct answer: I am very optimistic about this transaction. I think there is a chance that there will be 35% to 40%, and he will come here." "Of course, it is up to Aldridge, who is going to be able to go further in the playoffs." Blakely added. Is this team the Celtics? The Spurs and Mavericks are undoubtedly more mature, there is a better player reserves, but also Dezhou or Aldridge’s home. If Aldridge chooses Boston, then he means he’s betting on a brilliant record of the young, improving roster of players, the genius coach and the president of basketball operations. But overall, compared with the San San San San San San San San San San San San San San San San San San San San. Most people don’t give 35% to 40% of this high probability of success. In addition, as a guy very qualified flank, also has elite level projection capabilities, Matthews is very suitable for the Celtics. He would be very funny when he became a free agent, because he was, after all, to recover from the Achilles tendon, the specific situation is still not pure. (goo DA)

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