as long as attention to adjust their mood

in a routine physical examination, many women have been the doctor reminds: "you ah some hyperplasia of breast." It makes a lot of lady very nervous, fear and breast cancer hang the bait. The expert thinks, you need not be so nervous, composed of hyperplasia of mammary glands evolved into cancer probability is very small, as long as attention to adjust their mood, relieve pressure, coupled with some treatment, breast hyperplasia is not a threat to the health of.

70% to 90% of women with breast hyperplasia problem

according to experts, from the current situation, the incidence of hyperplasia of mammary glands showed a rising trend. Previously, this problem is mostly above 20 years old to 50 year old woman, but now the mammary gland hyperplasia patients experienced significantly younger, are not uncommon in the teenage girl in. The patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands in female dominated mainly by young. Although not universal, in this specific investigation, but from the situation of hospital out-patient medical point of view, the problem of women with breast hyperplasia can account for all women to check 70% to 90%, so it seems, the incidence rate is very high.

The influence of mental factors largely

The reason

resulting in hyperplasia of mammary glands is very complex, the view of experts so far is not entirely consistent, but the two factors are all the more identity. One is the endocrine disorder, if the amount of hormone in female ovarian secretion is not normal, it is easy to appear this kind of problem. Endocrine disorders performance and menstrual quantity is too much or too little, menstrual period is not very accurate and so on.

is another important factor is the mental factors. Before we live are similar, did the same work, with the same money, without too much conflict of interest. Now, the society is in progress, the treatment of each person, the opportunity to vary, it is difficult to maintain the peace of mind.

also, the spirit of modern people generally great pressure, the social requirements of each person are on the increase, while the women work, interpersonal relationship, family status may no longer smooth, but full of variable factors, some women resulting spiritual factors caused by endocrine disorders, autonomic nerve disorder, sleep good night, grumpy, these will have adverse effects on breast. Also, now the people eat well, also a lot of hypertension, high blood sugar disease, it also easy to cause the female endocrine disorders, estrogen, progesterone levels and glandular structures have a certain degree of disorder.

breast hyperplasia is not equal to have breast cancer, breast hyperplasia women need to guard against the four

in breast hyperplasia and breast cancer and whether there is a direct relationship between, still not sure. The expert thinks, cystic hyperplasia of mammary glands in the development of the hyperplastic tissues necrosis of body continuously, by this chronic stimulation, can appear canceration is hard to say.

, however, from the present study, only about 3% to 5% of patients with hyperplasia of breast cancer. On the other hand, because breast cancer is slow in cancer, what measures >

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