at the same time it fresh smell proved to still can make the mood cheerful.

the cold winter weather, metabolism and physiological functions of the body in a state of inhibition and reduced, blood circulation slow, insufficient blood supply to the brain, can make the plant nerve function disorder occurs, causing seasonal affective disorder, namely "winter depression".

winter depression high incidence of women, more common in married women aged 20-30 years and 50 years of age or menopausal women, especially character introverted, feeling relatively fragile family women beware.

winter depression, mild symptoms only depressed body fatigue, weakness, lose confidence to the life and work, especially frustrated after easily lost to the difficult challenge of courage, serious or even flashed a suicide ideation.

winter depression every winter, the spirit had invisible pressure, all day was unspeakably sad, dreary, inattention, as if the whole world have become desolate, not angry. Also sleepiness dreaminess, poor quality of sleep, woke up still looked very tired, be in the blues. These people are often poor appetite, love will shut myself in the house, the rapid increase in weight.

in the prevention of winter depression, the key is to increase the sunlight and outdoor activities. During the day and often open the windows, the indoor air circulation. Often listen to relaxing music, sports activities in some invigorating. Many friends and chat, or read some books on health, to enliven their emotions and thinking. Pay attention to strengthening nutrition, improve diet structure, appropriate to eat some high calorie, brain function food and fruits and vegetables, eat less starch and carbohydrate food, eat shoulds not be too full. Rest time, improve sleep quality.

green tea can prevent winter "season" disease

winter cold weather will make our life habits, the sleep time is reduced and the food intake increased, these changes will increase the probability of infection chill. Rich in antioxidants and green tea contains can protect liver, clean blood vessels, at the same time it fresh smell proved to still can make the mood cheerful.

, therefore, should take Green Tea added to the winter regimen diet, can effectively reduce and winter related "seasonal diseases", suggested that every day to drink at least 2 cup Green Tea. At the same time, in the cooking Green Tea might add some milk, honey, dried or fresh fruit, can be rich Green Tea taste at the same time, give the body added more vitamin.

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