auto insurance business is the backbone of the business

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female behind to knee upright posture (knee chest position) will be inserted in the Tao y stem y. At this time, with a waist to hip male hand put the female, mobile women’s waist, and by the hand as a starting point, to the waist and knee male to piston movement or circular motion. The focus of this position is that male and female genital high cooperation. Men will hand put the female buttocks, side to prevent the Y stem is pulled out, the side coital movement.

from the beginning by these postures, y stems and very difficult to insert, so please remember well by the breech (1) method of transitional this posture. male ejaculation, the upper half body lying in women back from behind, caress female breast and ejaculation. So the female sexy will rise. In the buttocks and back position, preferably in (1) to progress to the sexy, (2) to reach a climax. From the position of speaking, the dorsal posterior asanas very easily, also easy to carry, therefore, buttock back position is the most ideal position in the climax.

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buttocks sit astride the male’s waist, and then forward slightly down, y stem can easily insert. Then, the body forward crouch, the female can see male feet, while men can enjoy the hip curve women full of lines of, also can be observed in female beautiful body, can touch, caressing fingers squeeze work. But we can’t see men drown in the <

auto insurance business is the backbone of the business, the insurance companies for many years, in order to save costs, the insurance company has right to claim to the automobile 4S shop, insurance intermediary agencies. "First Financial Daily" to pay for the insured, the correspondent although convenient, but it is difficult to eliminate some agency expand loss, small accident overhaul, making the two accident, even making false claims and other potentially fraudulent incidents, affecting the property insurance business efficiency and sustainable development.

currently, all property insurance companies and 4S shops cooperation mode is mainly 4S shop agent insurance business, insurance company recommended vehicle accident in cooperation 4S shop repair mechanism. According to the depth of cooperation between the two sides, there are two main types of the vehicle 4S shop claims models: one is the type of insurance, namely the 4S shop agent insurance claims, usually by agent 4S shop owners claim to the insurance company, at the same time, 4S shop owners repair money paid in advance, after the claims, the insurance company claims directly into the 4S shop account. In this mode, the 4S store the whole generation of customer claims, customer is not involved in the claims process.

second is a direct auto insurance claims. The customer after the dangerous condition by the owner personally make a claim to the insurance company, the insurance company will pay claims directly to the insured accounts of the same name. In this mode, the 4S store is only responsible for the repair, clients for their own claims. As part of the insurance provisions, the branches will stop to the 4S shop, garage and other payment, the insurer is a natural person, by the insured to carry ID card directly to the company or the insurance company will receive compensation, indemnity to the insured by insurance accounts; for the units, the indemnity paid to the insured bank account by way of transfer.

proxy auto insurance claims, the insured can get convenient to get to a certain extent, but the cause of the first field report rate is low, most of the problems without unilateral accident scene. Local insurance regulatory bureau checks its jurisdiction within the domain of 4S shop 200 claims, the insurance body scratches, accounted for 36%, unilateral accident (touch poles, fence, hit a tree, wall etc.) accounted for 14%, two car accidents accounted for 14%, accounting for 5% of park of damaged, broken glass alone accounted for 3.6%. These reasons are the cases accounted for only 10%, no field of up to 90% cases.

at the same time, the auto insurance claims has also brought the problem of high cost of repair. According to several insurance companies reflect, is mainly due to the following reasons: one is the 4S shop, mainly to change, can repair the parts most of replacement, repair costs. Two is the time cost, parts prices significantly higher. 4S shop hours fee is higher than the market average price of about 20%, according to the prices of different materials and models of market penetration, higher than the average market price of more than 25%. Three there is a certain degree of "diandaqike" phenomenon, 4S stores the formation of regional monopoly on the parts price, vehicle repair price, resulting in the dangerous condition of the vehicle repair costs increase.

addition, 4S shop agent insurance claims, due to report, not directly to the insurance company claims.

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