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the latest survey data show that after the age of 30, male within the body of the male hormone gradually began to decline, the average annual decline of 1% ~ 2%. This study tested from 25 to 70 year old men of all ages, found a 70 year old male body of the male hormone level is only 25 years old male hormone level 10%. Aged between 40~90, the testosterone in the average annual decline of 1% ~ 2%, the total decline range reaches as high as 30% to 50%, this shows that men from the age of 40, left

, a Japanese study summarizes several predispose male menopausal syndrome Occupation: bank clerk, teacher, architect, enterprise backbone personage etc..

also engaged in mental labor and little exercise, or previously engaged in intense sports suddenly terminated, are easy to advance into the menopausal. On the contrary, those who go out opportunity more or often exercise, menopause came late. In these types of people, at least 4 species are often in a sedentary work in.

is therefore suggested a sedentary male brain workers must create for himself out of opportunities, smoothly through menopause.

real sex experts, effective use of finger, especially must meet to caress the clitoris orgasm through female , make full use of the ten finger more and more useful. So good use fingers, women were induced to climax in the imperceptibly, this is the key to " sexy to pleasure.

1, for the neck, armpits, wrists, feet and other parts from the top down, using four fingers gently caress, be stimulated in a straight way, the touch can provoke women’s sexual desire.

2, for back and legs a little stimulation, massage for essentials, like painting the big picture and kneading. This will naturally relax the body, and resist the heart will gradually eliminate.

3, , breast nipple painted small round side, while from the inside to the outside, to rubbing massage, use four fingers at the same time, expand the spiral of love and care more effective. Especially the central slightly on the hip near, because very sensitive, with the index finger and middle finger from the anus to the waist of the direction of pressed, the feeling is very good.

4, near the clitoris is a very sensitive area, so be careful caress, don’t be too hasty. Especially in the pubic bone near the top of the finger to the friction, the sensitivity of the clitoris may increase, to reach the boiling point.

5, finally slowly get close to the clitoris, first with the fingertips to gently touch around, and vibration to enhance stimulation, then gradually narrowing the scope, to the clitoris removed. When even a small stimulus will produce a great pleasure, even immediately reach a climax.

After the end of the

touch, you can choose any insert, female pleasure and due to vibration,

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