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breast enhancement method, like breast mm, must choose the method that suits oneself. The following describes the advantages and disadvantages of three kinds of common breast enhancement method, take a look!

operation of breast

in twentieth Century 60 time, by silica gel, to the subcutaneous implant polyacrylamide, water bag, use this method to make the chest fullness filling. Operation breast advantage is rapid, have the effect to get instant results.

The disadvantage of

operation: breast prosthesis is placed in the pectoralis major, feel different and normal breast prosthesis, if broken, will cause an allergic reaction, carcinogenic, teratogenic, damage the nervous and circulatory system of the chest, causing local abnormal sensation, the serious influence the body normal breast development, can not be caused by breastfeeding, and operation incision will the emergence of incision scar can not disappear.

Autologous fat breast

autologous fat breast in recent years very popular, is the relative operation method of breast breast safer, autologous fat breast enhancement method is a method of breast implant breast body fat, is currently the smallest row wound, breast enhancement method specific minimum.

The disadvantage of

: breast augmentation with autologous fat transplantation survival rate is generally lower than 30%, the majority of transplanted fat cells necrosis, liquefaction. If the quantity is less, the body can absorb, decompose; larger, more than the body’s absorption ability, decomposition, the body will form a "package" appear "postoperative induration"; if accompanied by bacterial infection would form a "abscess"; so that the breast augmentation with autologous fat transplantation is the most ideal method, is also the most complications a method of.

injection breast

injection breast augmentation is a man-made chemical filling by injection to the breast to breast fullness in the role of gap. From 1997 China introduced and approved in clinical use, which has caused the parties dispute, 1998 was suspended for 3 months, at present only a few hospitals can use this method.

does not need operation, only a small needle can be injected to fill material plays the role of breast fullness breast gap, because the material is "gel" in an organization similar to the fat, so feel very realistic, sometimes even professional doctors are hard to find.

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