better start to wear around the age of 17.

Some changes in

female life experience (for example, puberty, pregnancy, menstruation cycle) will make changes in breast, so breast maintenance is very important.

(1) the basis of breast care. The first is the exfoliating 1-2 times a week body, moreover is the continuous patient use breast care, promote skin connective tissue hyperplasia, maintain firm and plump chest.

(2) and choose a suitable bra, maintain the good breast shape. Too tight or too loose bra is not conducive to breast bodybuilding. Too tight will curb the breast blood circulation, cause breast disease, affect breast development; too loose is not on the breast has a supporting and shaping role, reach a certain beauty. The main function is to protect the breast bra, prevent sagging, better start to wear around the age of 17.

(3) pay attention to the protection of lactation. Normal breast-feeding does not affect breast form.

during lactation and to ensure adequate heat, high quality protein, inorganic salt and vitamin rich, and plenty of water. But the fat, carbohydrate food is unfavorable eat more, eat more easy to cause the body fat and breast ptosis. Lactation time to 8 months or so is appropriate (not lactation after childbirth not desirable).

(4) to sit and stand are to keep the chest upright, not to use too hot, hot water bath, multi use cold water shower, to stimulate the chest. The most important thing is not to ignore the chest to sun. Breast skin than the facial skin more sensitive, ultraviolet to produce fine wrinkles between the breast, and can cause breast skin aging.

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