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repeated people easy to induce breast cancer


artificial abortion, breast cancer,

repeated artificial abortion can make women increasing possibility of breast cancer. This is due to pregnancy terminating abruptly, in which the level of sex hormone in the body will plummet, this will make the development just breast suddenly stop growing, the acinar reduced to disappear, breast restoration, but the recovery is often not completely, easy to induce breast lobular hyperplasia, or cause breast lump or pain. If the pain is not very obvious, can not take the special treatment, the pain often naturally disappeared after 1-2 months. But it is worth noting that, cause abortion after the operation of breast pain, may take longer to potentially stimulate breast, cause the mammary gland proliferation or mass.

according to clinical investigation shows, before the age of 18 to do artificial abortion women, the risk of breast cancer will increase 110% than other women. Because women after pregnancy can produce large amounts of progesterone, which is estrogen "rival", two hormones during pregnancy "a long elimination" is very useful to protect breast health. But artificial termination of pregnancy, make estrogen levels suddenly increases, it will make the breast ductal epithelial cells stimulated by the development of normal to abnormal hyperplasia. But before the age of 18 female breast and other organs is still very immature, more susceptible to estrogen stimulation, the resulting increase in the incidence of breast cancer.

breast cancer "nostalgia" what kind of breast?


breast cancer, abortion, pregnancy

1, repeated abortion women breast

after the pregnancy hormones increase breast hypertrophy, congestive, mammary gland ductal system development exuberant, leaflets, the formation of a large number of acinar gland, prepare for lactation. People stopped the pregnancy, hormone levels plummet, breast suddenly stop growing, acinar atrophy. This change radically phenomenon can lead to ovarian dysfunction, can also cause breast stasis, causing mass, the occurrence of various breast diseases including breast cancer, among them.

2, have a family history of breast cancer in women breast

breast cancer exist in families with hereditary tendency, which had been confirmed by the medical community. The mother daughter after breast cancer, breast cancer than women in general much opportunity to 2 ~ 3 times, the age of onset of 10 years ahead of time about. Maternal breast cancer, a sister of the mother of breast cancer risk, is the daughter of breast cancer than those without family history of high 40 ~ 50 times.

3 nipples, nipple discharge breast


nipple common overflow liquid milk like, comedo, water, slurry sample and bloody, nipple discharge serous or bloody can be a benign (such as intraductal papilloma, fibrocystic disease), but also by the malignant (such as intraductal papillary carcinoma) caused by cancer, bloody discharge is evil tumor accounted for 10%.

4, painless mass in the breast

under normal circumstances, women find breast mass should be checked in time to the hospital, excluding breast cancer. Breast cancer breast painless mass made good on the >

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