breast lobular hyperplasia epithelial cells.

according to the relevant data issued by the World Health Organization, between the incidence of depression between 20%-45% of cancer patients, significantly higher than in the general population the incidence of 6.1%-9.5%, and the breast cancer patients with depressive tendency is particularly obvious.

modern medicine found that negative emotions can affect the body’s endocrine system, so as to reduce the person’s immune system, resulting in a decline in the capacity of resistance, it is recognized as an important internal factor of carcinogenesis.

from the clinical situation, including the factors more direct, more common: a history of benign breast diseases, such as the past has had breast fibroma; there is a family history of breast cancer, diagnosed with breast cancer in human blood, the incidence of breast cancer than those without family history of higher than 3 to 4 times; also, character depression, poor communication, love angry people, are more likely to develop breast disease.

experts pointed out that the breast cancer patients after surgery, radiotherapy, some features of the female is not, some patients will think you physically androgynous, psychologically difficult to adjust.

then, if coupled with the spouse is not considerate, the marital relationship and sexual life are affected, patients with poor physical and mental experience will further strengthen. The original no depression at this time may be generated, and there have been depressed patients, symptoms may worsen the.

Health Tip:

women generally every 3 months 1 breast self examination, time should be chosen in menstruation 7-10 days after the most appropriate choice, self luminous room, facing the mirror, standing or sitting with his left hand, right hand right breast examination, check the left breast, and then Shun outer part of touch to the axillary, check whether there is swelling lymph node, if there is tenderness.

large breasts or trailer breast, be prostrate after touch examination. If you find any suspicious package block, timely seek professional medical examination. Color B ultrasound examination is the routine examination, such as the result of suspicious, can carry on the molybdenum target inspection, this is the gold standard in the diagnosis of breast cancer. "".

recommends that women over the age of 45 every one to two years to do a molybdenum target inspection. In addition, pay attention to the reasonable diet and physical exercise to strengthen scientific way of life, keep optimistic mood, less angry, these are the prevention and reduce the incidence of breast cancer is essential.

female breast hyperplasia need to eat less high sugar and high fat

mammary gland hyperplasia has become the 20 to 40 year old women in the highest incidence of the disease. Breast pain in women, breast hyperplasia accounted for about half of. Mammary gland hyperplasia has become many women’s heart disease, how to prevent?

is the main cause of

endocrine disorders

female breast hyperplasia mainly for breast lumps pain long, often accompanied with different degrees of menstruation. Pain is pain, few have stabbing pain to feel. Mammary gland hyperplasia is because the female endocrine disorders, excessive secretion of estrogen, progestin reduce, to stimulate the breast, duct dilatation caused by breast tissue, breast lobular hyperplasia epithelial cells.


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