Bryant – Bryant coming back from injury

The Lakers opened war Bangyan dialogue champion new year’s Eve welcome Emeka Okafor revenge Russell Summer League performance review Bangyan frequent mistakes at the end of the war into Nirvana loading. & lt; & gt; sports Tencent hearing on August 12 according to the Lakers nation reporter Ryan ward reports said the Los Angeles Lakers new season schedule has been exposed, they will at home opener against the Minnesota Timberwolves, then reigning champion show Karl Anthony – downs and show Bangyan Dan Gilo Russell will usher in a duel. NBA official will be in Beijing time tomorrow morning six officially announced the full schedule of the new season, but some of the focus of attention has been focused on the pre exposure. The Lakers three home games in advance of the exposure, "Zijin corps" will be in 10 at the end of the opener against the Timberwolves, in "Christmas wars" with city rivals the Clippers played, and usher in a Philadelphia 76ers challenge on New Year’s Eve. Although the past two seasons with the Lakers’ poor record, but the new season, Bryant – Bryant coming back from injury, and Russell, Jordan Clarkson and Zhuliyesi – Randall, etc. young people, the Lakers or aspect lot. The three game alliance arrangement also has the intention, first in the opener, and Russell will show Bangyan show champion Downes and Kobe direct dialogue, and Garnett (micro-blog) the old friends will be reunited; and a grand stage in "Christmas", the Lakers will challenge with rival clippers, in recent years "Losangeles team of two" turn to be a master, but the Lakers record offseason be reinforcing in a complete mess, the Lakers can battle for revenge is the biggest surprise; new year’s Eve against 76 people, and the Lakers had ghazil – Okafor, but to "ogle" draft but chose Russell beyond all expectations, Okafor had to become Philadelphia third, the new year’s Eve visit Staples Center, Okafor will try to express themselves, to play the Lakers "face", Russell will also go to all lengths, the Lakers proved himself is wise choice. The Lakers in the offseason introduced Roy Hibbert, Louis Williams, Brandon bass and other new signings and strength has been enhanced. The new season is expected the Lakers starting center Hibbert, big vanguard Randall, small forward Kobe Bryant, Russell and Clarkson paired control position, Williams, Nick – poplar, bath et al serve as a substitute. If you keep healthy, the lineup is quite powerful. (Niu Niu) scan download Tencent sports APP event information to a full master

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