but a very annoying problem. And the emergence of acne can also cause we feel more difficult to control

Question 1: abdominal pain


a week in the period before the arrival of the lower abdomen, can feel some slight pain to make, before the menstrual period two days or 3 days before the time, the lower abdomen pain become more intense.

deficient element: redundant -3 fatty acids, menstrual abdominal pain is one of the most often a problem, how to improve such situation? Can in the daily diet eat contain redundant -3 fatty acids in food. Because the redundant -3 fatty acids can reduce the female hormone secretion in vivo and the hormone causes premenstrual uterine contraction, so the lower abdomen have the feeling of pain.

menstrual problem 2: chest discomfort

Some MM will feel chest become swollen

before menstruation comes, and with the feeling of pain, this is a pre symptomatic syndrome.

The lack of

elements: vitamin E, insist on taking a lifetime female hormone e, reducing the possibility of chest expansion. Vestibular gland can cause female premenstrual pain, and vitamin E can reduce the generation of vestibular gland, thus relieving pain.

Question 3:

menstrual insomnia or sleep quality and low

began to appear insomnia in the menstrual period before the arrival of a week, or sleep instability phenomenon.

The lack of elements:

tryptophan, according to the survey, about 60% of women are difficult to fall asleep during the week before menstruation comes, and supplementary tryptophan can help improve sleep quality, make you fall asleep soon.

Question 4: Acne


before and after menstruation and menstrual period, women face will appear acne tracks, for the beauty conscious women, but a very annoying problem. And the emergence of acne can also cause we feel more difficult to control, resulting in PMS become more serious. Then the face of acne problem, how should we do?

lack of elements: zinc, women hate is the face pox, but the total face pox woman body a certain lack of this important element of zinc. Zinc can prevent enzyme growth, enzyme can lead to infection and inflammation. In addition, zinc can control the oil secretion of the face, so that the risk of infection is reduced, thereby eliminating the face of acne are.

menstrual question 5: having a sweet tooth

in the period of the previous week put on weight easily, because it is easier to feel hungry in this week, and appetite is the best of times.

The lack of

elements: Ca, a calcium supplement in the period before the female will reduce hunger, secretion will be increased in the week before the menstrual period of female estrogen, thus blocking solution process of calcium in the blood, because the lack of calcium, but also lead to women’s mood is not stable, and emotional instability, women are more likely to overeating.

Question 6: be subject to changing moods in


before menstruation of female character will become a little impatient, easy to get angry, depressed, you don’t even know why.

The lack of


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