but also can retain the breast

survey data shows, 30 years, cancer mortality in China grew by about 80%, while the growth trend of breast cancer is particularly significant. In the economically developed coastal areas, breast cancer has become the first common malignant tumor of women in rural areas, the incidence of breast cancer also showed a rising trend.

breast cancer treatment effect is closely related to the stage of the disease when found. Domestic famous professor breast tumor authoritative experts have pointed out that more than 90% of early breast cancer can be cured, and late cure rates to 70% and 50%.

therefore, the early detection of breast cancer, has been recognized as the most malignant tumors can effectively increase the survival rate of the patients and reduce the mortality rate and the preventive measures. Early breast cancer is not only a high cure rate, but also can retain the breast, relatively low medical expense, the most important thing is to improve the quality of life of patients.

breast tumor is difficult to early detection, one is advanced by the discovery, is a long one of the tumor and understanding, but it has become the largest tumor cognitive errors.

with the progress of science and technology and the understanding of tumor characteristics, through regular mammography or MRI, most breast tumor can early diagnosis; more than 70% of all parts of the body through the screening of tumor regular regular physical examination and simple but also can realize the early discovery, especially some of the early symptoms are not obvious tumor.

(Intern editor: He Lili)

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