but also very sensitive. Man should learn to kiss a woman clavicle

for women, foreplay is important in sex , while in the foreplay, cannot do without a kiss. Skilled men, able to quickly aroused by kissing women’s sexual desire, let a woman more ecstasy. Below small make up for you to introduce three let a woman ecstasy kissing skills.

master advanced tongue technology

said a good kisser, must mention the tongue. That is the legendary French kiss. If only the lips pressed, then the number of segments is too low. Put your tongue reached deep into her mouth, put the tip of your tongue inside along the cheeks and lips gently rotate in her mouth, the side of your tongue on the rough, the roof of the mouth and the ones you love stimulates the production of friction.


" " tongue; essential technology: kissing can head to one side, transform the tongue into the angle will let all become fresh; or put her down on the wall, a long passionate kiss. I believe that women in such a scenario, will be endless desire.

Chin gave her pleasure


many people may not know, the lower jaw is also a woman sexy site oh. Kiss her lower jaw, can stimulate her sexual desire, stimulate her pleasure. Kiss her lower jaw, can slightly to make any noise. Sound and vibration this pleasure, would be passed on to her by her inner ear bones, also will stimulate the sensory nerve endings in the skin, it can also make her more relaxed.

kisses order also should pay attention to, along the jaw has to kiss her ear root, then according to the direction of the neck from the hair gently touching her, doing so would make her pleasure doubled, stoned.

kiss supraclavicular passion Center

woman collarbone is very sexy, but also very sensitive. Man should learn to kiss a woman clavicle, can be said to kiss the clavicle is the most classic romantic kiss. But many men focus on lateral clavicular part, but missed to the passion of the center.

woman supraclavicular sensory nerve distribution where most populous? The clavicular and sternal junction. You only need to gently, kiss slowly to the centre of the nerve, can let her passion quickly burst.


most men think, is the movement, must be fully sprint. It is considered to be an almost automatic response. However, I advocated in the " sex to "static" generation of "real". It emphasizes that let female control sex rhythm, while the

means "calm" in bed rubbing stimulation. Practice has proved, mobile, friction and slow paced, and long time static contact, can make both sides get long and intense stimulation, more likely to resonate and cause physical and psychological double run.

we all know, men on 1/3 segment of reciprocating motion, rub in front of the penis, it is easy to reach a climax. In the static generation of dynamic process, one thing men first to learn is: let the woman rhythm to touch the penis or slow moving friction, and myself to be fully immersed into the sexual meditation. For example, the wife can use the middle finger (tip), from the beginning of the following along the scrotum, scrotal raphe up touch to the penis.

this stimulation can help men to comprehensive scrotum and penis into a reaction unit, instead of the past form with the penis neck dominated reaction. In the process of essential sex, the male pelvis to remain motionless, by the wife is responsible for stimulation of both sides of the sex organs, the angle and the depth of control stimulation. This way can make it easier for women to achieve orgasm, can also change the male orgasm mode.

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