but if not feel pleasure

used to beat her genital genital port:

your female under pressure in the body, JJ posted on the female female genital opening, and then you put your focus on the chest, lips what place, anyway don’t plug in, because we want to enjoy the female grabbed his * * to female genital plug fun. You can while kissing, side by hand massage the chest, kiss the lips, of course, can also be dear nipple, but lie not too easy dear nipple in women. Dear you side, the side to wriggle waist, use your pubic press female pubic, grasp the range to JJ in the female genital friction, for she groaned, you use the

pumping techniques:

in male genital * * later to shallow inserted, the first ten shallow, side and women talk, to distract her, when she was not looking, hurls a deep into the end, and then again a few shallow, and when she wasn’t looking, again a few deep, so make a few times, your female will wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, flow straight down three thousand feet, doubt is her River Falls for nine days……


some people like the middle finger, ring finger someone like, this isn’t important. In the plug with your fingers female female genital before, you must be sure of her lower has been completely wet. Your mouth can not be idle, to kiss, to say speak sugared words, to eat a nipple, a word very busy. Fingers can not touch the vulva below idle, first, and then use a finger into " vaginal , slowly. The fingers to activities on the inside, not to stop activities, but be gentle. When the out flow energy-saving not live, can take the company to the anus and painted a little. With the little finger, plug the anus. When women below two holes are inserted, ordinary people can not bear. I often use the thumb is inserted into the female genital, ring finger or the middle finger anal plug. Two fingers at the same time moving, women will cool half alive. When your two fingers separated by a layer of film, kneading together, psychology is very exciting.

sucks her milk >

is looking for sex sex
process very pleasure orgasm during sex, but if not feel pleasure, but because sex position or posture brought him a lot of pain, that sex is failure. Especially for women, the best use of the following sex position, in the reduction of pain at the same time, but also easy to achieve orgasm. 1, fast instruction: there are many opportunities you can surprise attack, in her watching TV, the telephone and so on, when no preparation. This by accident cause excitement will make you more crazy, every 30 minutes heat consumption can be as high as 120 calories, if orgasm can also add 40 calories, near Marathon degree! 2, side entering type counseling: DecisionOne of the key factors of
ejaculation strength is the pubococcygeus muscle, namely PC (pubococcygeus), which is responsible for stopping micturition muscles. The daily need only stop peeing intermediate relax again several times, through the practice of contraction and relaxation can enhance its strength. Of course, more comfortable way is through the side entering type
love to exercise. When she lay on her side, enters from behind, and contraction and relax your PC muscle, make her orgasm, your PC muscles more solid, more intense pleasure. 3, the female superior instruction: the other side in the above will be relatively active, and you can save some energy, you only need to lie on your back with legs straighten naturally enjoy her enjoy. But when you get more involved, will involuntarily up quite a jump, then lumbar abdomen muscle you will effectively exercise. 4, the missionary counseling: actually sex pleasure does not depend on the suspension, bundle like auxiliary equipment of strange, the most simple and most traditional missionary is still the most widely used most frequently in the position, it can make both sides of the exchange, but it also requires you to continue more than 100 push ups, because this position has high for muscle, deltoid, triceps muscle and two head requirements.

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