can use traditional Chinese medicine treatment of reasonable.

breast hyperplasia canceration rate is 8.8% to 21.8%. Some women worry too much, in fact, not necessary. As long as the disease early intervention, no disease does the census, can effectively reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

then the hyperplasia of mammary glands in the end is what disease? It is what kind of? It would heal on their own? The experts of breast disease hospital to remove doubts for you.

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first is lacteal painful disease, also called simple cystic hyperplasia of breast. In their teens and young patients are the most common, with the obvious cyclical breast pain as the characteristic, after menstruation pain disappear. Breast pain to local, but sometimes the pain may radiate to the ipsilateral axilla, chest wall, sometimes radiating to the back, often affect sleep, work and learning, which is caused by anxiety, emotional patients also many. This kind of hyperplasia is a normal physiological phenomenon, to adjust the mood and life habits, make endocrine gradually reconcile, if the pain is more apparent, can use traditional Chinese medicine treatment of reasonable.

second kinds of breast disease. It is based on breast lesions within the lobule of mammary gland and breast duct hyperplasia tissues and glands around the expansion. To this kind of treatment of hyperplasia, under the guidance of a doctor can use the combination of TCM and Western medicine therapy. Pay attention to regulate the life, along with the growth of the age, some women will be better on their own, also have a few patient can have a relapse, must the regular examination.

third is cystic hyperplasia, cystic hyperplasia clinical called atypical hyperplasia.

breast hyperplasia canceration "trilogy": hyperplasia (light, severe atypical hyperplasia (malignant), early), breast cancer, cystic hyperplasia of progressive cancer, is one of the important reasons for the occurrence of breast cancer. Do not think that breast can not touch the masses on the right, in fact, when can feel bump, breast cancer often has reached an advanced stage. The city hospital breast disease experts pointed out: premenstrual pain belong to mammary gland hyperplasia, simple breast hyperplasia may cause cystic hyperplasia, cystic hyperplasia permanently, progressive cancer is an important cause of breast cancer. So when a female friend the following symptoms to be careful when: periodic pain; breast tenderness to the outer side of the upper and the most obvious; monthly pre menstrual pain intensified along after pain decreased or disappeared; severe premenstrual after showed persistent pain, sometimes pain to the axilla, limbs, shoulder and back Department of radiology.

of breast disease hospital experts think, breast cystic hyperplasia is treatable, and put forward the "three early" advice on the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, including early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, advocated the use of various interventions to block the advance, the possibility of cure increases, reducing the possibility of canceration. Breast cancer is the WHO listed as one of the few tumor cancer census effective. Breast screening as the internationally recognized the most effective method of prevention and treatment of breast cancer, can in time discover the precursors of breast diseases, especially atypical hyperplasia of breast precancerous lesion, can reduce 30% of breast cancer mortality.


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