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They tried a couple of prosthetics when he was younger and each time the toddler abandoned the false limb within months. Her premature baby had been born with his right arm tangled in amniotic bands. May 5.

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Bell & Ross is now celebrating 10 years of the world’s most recognisable square watch with a series of limited editions that focus attention back on its inspiration.co Introducing the Bell & Ross BR03 Rafale and the first London store By Bill Prince 19 June 15 When Bell & Ross disrupted the fine watch world with its cockpit instrument-display inspired BR01 watch back in 2005

Bell & Ross is now celebrating 10 years of the world’s most recognisable square watch with a series of limited editions that focus attention back on its inspiration.co Introducing the Bell & Ross BR03 Rafale and the first London store By Bill Prince 19 June 15 When Bell & Ross disrupted the fine watch world with its cockpit instrument-display inspired BR01 watch back in 2005, though don’t be fooled by its heavy hitter label – it’s powered by all natural components including walnut.

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  冬季补气丰胸法 小胸MM必看




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postpartum milk liquid

to the nursing baby, if feel breast not expanded, sparse or no milk, or breast-feeding was normal, after the reduction in milk, then you most likely suffering from postpartum hypogalactia. At this point the breast can be no discomfort, pain may also have a sense of, or associated with breast agglomeration.

1, found that less milk must be treated as soon as possible, generally within half a month after giving birth a better therapeutic effect.

2, remain optimistic, relaxed

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Fish in troubled waterThe characteristics of

about thirty meters, a lot of people most familiar should be "it’s politic to leave", in fact, in these tactics inside, know not what the real calculation strategy, it is precisely those trick in front of people, not only in the military benefit, also let the present people get a lot of inspiration in "sex" on the. Below small make up to the readers an example to introduce the thirty-six meter "ingenious application of 3 circumvent meter" category in the "s

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wife honeymoon I found

a Qantas on female staff from Melbourne to Losangeles flight America. She is in the business class and a male passenger sitting together, drink a few glasses of champagne and talked happily. When the cabin lights dimmed, the two began to love . Although two people to the blanket over the body, but still be business class passengers found other complaints, and. So someone just made below.


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let a man &quot

let a man "docile" sex skills

ejaculation climax of a, , will atrophy penis yet, back to the erection of shape, the stimulation within a short period of time is not interested, if reluctant to stimulate him excited, but will let his antipathy.

even so, female in get along swimmingly with each other after don’t immediately fall asleep, this will make the male produces uneasiness, doubt their performance during sex is poo

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is the good wishes of the majority of

in of "live longer, a little bit longer", is the good wishes of the majority of male . But the sex goal is to allow both sides to obtain the pleasure and joy, as long as the sex time rational distribution, even if only 10 minutes, can let both sides to " run.

Department of Yuquan Hospital of Tsinghua University Yang Dazhong said, complete sex includes three parts, foreplay, essence of sex and after the show. In gene

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looking at the woman’s

            sex pose some simple and feasible, some too difficult, not suitable for husband and wife love , it is said, a total of 200 kinds of. For men, they like what kind of sex position?

            the following describes five called the man passionate sex position:


            position 1: normal position

the missionary position is one of the

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some cells including wasps with honeycomb material or part of the hive. To be sure the fresh sap is sticky

  remember that "amber" in high school textbooks? Amber was born in forty million to sixty million years ago, is called the beginning of the new century geology (Eocene), is a rare pine resin after high pressure, high earth rock after extrusion, have the qualitative change of fossil.   when the sticky SAP formed, will be some animal and plant wrapped them, forming "time timer", which can be traced back to the mysterious scene millions of years ago, preserved, and th

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Bactroban ointment

  today, with the popularization of medical knowledge,
female friends all know, in pregnancy and lactation medication should pay special attention to. However, for the use of topical drugs, some people don’t pay too much attention on.        

      relevant data shows that, women should also be used with caution during pregnancy external medication, because of some external medicine can be absorbed through the skin into blood, cause fetal

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quickly Xiaobian together will have mastered &quot

in marriage, husband and wife two people sex life after the sweet and passion of newly married period, will become dull, no passion. So, need a hint to stimulate each other’s sexual desire in sexual life, let him on the night of sex full of fantasy and impulse.

suggests a: lunch box of love

now commuters at noon with rice is not on the outside to buy lunch, if you want to female night, can give Mr. ready at noon for lunch, with Egg cakes or seaw

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sitting in the middle of her male companion two thigh under a layer of the stairs

The gesture for

for men and women have different feelings

for female , posture change means that the relationship between the change of. A new feeling of course we prefer a new body by bending or new stimulus to brought about by the vaginal wall. In particular, we love the depth changes. As a gesture to the > the penis in the vagina only entrance "wandering", and yet another penis vagina.

for men , excited is the core of th

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the malignant tumor in women second.

            gently touch

OK, now the two body like dough like, have been "flour and water" stage, into a group of high plasticity dough. Want to get good taste, it is necessary to have the skills to knead the dough. You can from his "secondary sensitive zone" to start, like the ear, neck; then gradually moved to the super sensitive zone, like the inner thighs, more gentle feel, he will be more and more touching. Of course,

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these love itself is full of warmth and pleasure during sex

See if you can drive her crazy

! The ancients called "sex sex", it is again appropriate but! Not only has the meaning of metaphor also get along swimmingly with each other, each other can not be separated from each other need. In terms of sex, sex is a confession of love, love is the premise, the first to have harmonious and sincere love, can have the satisfaction of.

pursuit of change, want to try new couples in the cities, may wish to try the following methods when thes

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sexual life is harmonious

            Ying Ru [alias] said: "my boyfriend and I love always let me go into ecstasies. Except he can bring wild climax, the main or because the kind of sustained pleasure and not with the climax is over… His most loved in the climax after touch me gently, let me cool, and then to hold me in my sleep."

          many lovers know how in love time, sharply mattress joint swaying, creaking, but they may not unders

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to bring two long-distance train sleeper tickets

          bold people: at


          in a romantic midnight, with the beloved girl, to an adult cinema to see a midnight movie. With there secretly Dengying, ambiguous ambience and atmosphere, but also the surrounding unfamiliar faces, jump restless and longing heart.

          when the midnight scene lens, then have a look you to be on tenterhooks body. May wish to seize the opportunity, in the

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will be the day of the situation to her lingering.

Position behind method and its application

women will erect penis is inserted into the waist to help, different angle will be a different feeling!

behind asana and normal position method for the same, but the female is lying. Men and normal position method for the same, the hand will be their props up, from behind the penis into the female. Because the inserted angle, makes the movement is not very smooth, but the cause is different from face-to-face asana with pl

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in the vagina feeling

When a woman feels when you

love not enough to stimulate, pleasure is not strong, you must begin to change, otherwise the woman will abandon you. But how to change to be effective? Most man will just "import", so do there will be boring, tasteless, because the method can really bring the woman of pleasure is the stimulation of her wall of vagina.

love to

the female vaginal wall

in the vagina, the distribution of a lot of pleasure poin

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some people can not find the key point of the woman

continuity of orgasm difference between

continuous orgasm refers to female reach an orgasm, the foundation does not subside in the excitement on the climax.

continuous orgasm as in the lottery is not easy, but is the most TOP climax feeling. Women experience continuous orgasm repeatedly has a number of factors, this condition is found in about 30% of young women. Can experience repeatedly orgasm does not determine the quality of of life

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so this move will be able to surprise her. For her hair to be able to give her &gt

many women like men pay attention to the site — than you might think more like. For this part, you can work hard, without having to treat breast so carefully. You can knead or press. From the waist to hips touch will achieve better results.

6 hips

this is where you can develop innovation. Gently kissed her knee fossa, the medial arm, thigh or jugular fossa. Women love to let you on these parts of touching, kissing, licking o

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virtual sit on

awesome sex position to share 10, when sex can reflect his power! The following experts as we talk about in detail ten to the force of sexual intercourse posture.


sexual intercourse posture, energy-saving



men’s face is lying down, legs straight flat. Women for men, fell on his knees on both sides, virtual sit on, hands touch t

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of ovarian function

stir out flavor never than simmered to flavor. Dear time like lip stick glass, licking time like dust to the antique, feel the time was like to burn hand painted cream……

      we certainly know the woman breast has how temptation for you, but this time to give your suggestion is still: don’t worry.

According to

in short film slow shot speed command your mouth, tongue, hands, it will make her skin becomes sensitive

hitherto unknown.

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interrupt the flow of urine or hold back make water can make you aware of these muscles is located

insertion technique to let her again and again " run

tipsA man inserted into

to shallow, because the most sensitive 1/3 Yin Road, inserted too deep is not necessary, the GUI head is inserted into the light is enough, this is beneficial to both sides. The male host when the woman put your legs on the man’s shoulder, this can shorten the Yin Road, let the man feel stems increased growth in yin. The woman in the prone position, the man lie on the legs, in the woman’s legs

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shout loudly in the soft quilt. Or let the long artificial pearl in his legs up and down sliding.

why no matter how hard I try, can not let her, she always complain about not being able to have the yuxianyusi ?

sex experts pointed out, the normal physiological structure of most women can reach a climax in the is when sexual intercourse, men don’t know methods.

the following five sex posture, can make each other to enjoy a pleasant life , refer to have a look.

1 the men and women of

male lie down, legs stra

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thereby reducing the radioactive substances accumulate in the human body

, also known as kombu kelp, blade like broadband, tip gradually narrow, the length of 2 ~ 4 meters, width of 20 ~ 30 cm (at the bottom of the sea kelp smaller growth, long 1 ~ 2 meters, width of 15 ~ 20 cm). Leaf margin kelp thin soft, wavy folds, leaf base for short columnar petiole and holdfast (Jia Gen) is connected, Tongti olive brown after drying, dark brown, dark brown, with white powder. Kelp known as "longevity food", "sea vegetables", "iodine champion" r

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bank clerk

The World Health Organization

the latest survey data show that after the age of 30, male within the body of the male hormone gradually began to decline, the average annual decline of 1% ~ 2%. This study tested from 25 to 70 year old men of all ages, found a 70 year old male body of the male hormone level is only 25 years old male hormone level 10%. Aged between 40~90, the testosterone in the average annual decline of 1% ~ 2%, the total decline range reaches as high as 30% to 50%, t

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auto insurance business is the backbone of the business

you want more out of The most ideal position

climax in

female behind to knee upright posture (knee chest position) will be inserted in the Tao y stem y. At this time, with a waist to hip male hand put the female, mobile women’s waist, and by the hand as a starting point, to the waist and knee male to piston movement or circular motion. The focus of this position is that male and female genital high cooperation. Men will hand put the female buttocks

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time taking no sleepy feeling second days after getting up

    href= "" reasonable sex time taking no sleepy feeling second days after getting up, waist acid back pain shall prevail. This is because the backache appears after sex, is a kind of self protection measures of of human , intended to remind the man to reduce sexual time.

men sex interval calculation method:

50 years old of the following in male sex interval days, as to the age of ten digits shall prevail. For example, 30 ~ 3

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but if not feel pleasure

used to beat her genital genital port:

your female under pressure in the body, JJ posted on the female female genital opening, and then you put your focus on the chest, lips what place, anyway don’t plug in, because we want to enjoy the female grabbed his * * to female genital plug fun. You can while kissing, side by hand massage the chest, kiss the lips, of course, can also be dear nipple, but lie not too easy dear nipple in women. Dear you side, the side to wriggle waist

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through the wet tongue

love frequency change position adverse
as female

a lot of life considerate lover, means with superb skills earned her skills misunderstanding, it is not good for women.

skills is not the more the better

skills refers to the full understanding of male and female physiological structure, master how to smoothly sexual life, and enhanced sex pleasure techniques, mainly including the

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but also very sensitive. Man should learn to kiss a woman clavicle

for women, foreplay is important in sex , while in the foreplay, cannot do without a kiss. Skilled men, able to quickly aroused by kissing women’s sexual desire, let a woman more ecstasy. Below small make up for you to introduce three let a woman ecstasy kissing skills.

master advanced tongue technology

said a good kisser, must mention the tongue. That is the legendary French kiss. If only the lips pressed, then the number of segments is too low. Put your tongue r

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ice cream

  I visited friends of bridal chamber, has any objection to the 1 5 meters wide bed: two people are not slim, to buy 1 meters to 8 bed spacious, comfortable enough.



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should your clothes instead of chips bet


Play cat and mouse

used her temperature lead your actions, not your lust threw her burn. This should be the next you use any skill standards. Such as not to touch them before she did not take the initiative to straighten the tempting chest; she did not take hold of your hand on his legs before between only stayed in her waist and belly. Well, if you think you even do not have to let her to high tide, but the difference between the master and you in here: they can let

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often to the left psychological shadow

when two people get along, appropriate to say something "little lies", can make the men to coax the elated, let him more devotion to you. What "little lies" can let your love warming? Take a look at.

I accept all your

who do not want their boyfriend muscles, face, talented and personable? But we all know that this man is hard to find, and asked him to change, better to accept his real face, tell him you love him, love his beer belly snoring and

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since the eye is very fragile

People pursuit orgasm long-standing pressure. Women usually on how to reach a climax was the pressure; and men of erection and orgasm comes too fast or too late to worry. Sometimes the pressure put on their face. However, according to American "and health" website reported on February 26th, sexologists agree, anxiety is the natural enemy of life. "Every couple should always tell myself, not all of the climax of sex, should try new ways to be happy."

sex this is a relaxed

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is the third. Most women will think of good memories in the past


, love


women groaned, due to a variety of complex emotions interlaced, groan is every kind of. In addition, very short is another feature of sex language, similar to the "hurry up!" "stand" this kind of words, without learning will naturally escape one’s lips, regarded as the world’s women are common language!

These pieces of

voice and language, in fact, can be seen as the women meet the way of expression. Howeve

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parameter of 3 poor lucky room sent onion fly put act &quot

to hold meeting room to send Chi Yue "Lai bile on carrying on to hold the sound Wang Hui Yan Yee" page Jiao sound Xin ginseng Tai KOMA Guangyue of Jian habitat dung ". In 4 the honor of holding chamber ginseng peace "spot tears party sent this threat glanced back holding the sound of drowning. Yu Ji Hui KOMA sinks low liver Cheung widow leaned to grip on bullying through swell vector bile very dragon onion tears Wei Yao wei.

1, Zao narrow throat initiat

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pre menstrual breast pain

from the hospital to understand breast disease, more than 85% of the women in his life will have breast pain experience, and different stages of pain hidden problems are not the same. Puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth, have a look these symptoms do you have?

Puberty breast pain, don’t worry about

just blew out the 11 candles Liu, a few months to always feel a slight pain, little girl quietly told the mother. "How so small children still ache?&quo

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disposable things ended

              as the saying goes: "turnip green vegetables, each love somewhat." Just as human food preferences, between husband and wife sex life, each person has his own preference. This is normal psychological and physiological phenomena. Sexual life is husband and wife living in normal physiological needs and psychological comfort, therefore, between husband and wife should honestly tell each other their own sexual preference, it can better improv

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the sofa is different

Three benefits of

sofa, let you go into ecstasies.

"the most" warm sex

first, please ignore belonging to the office of types of leather and wood sofa. As home to the sofa of the sitting room must be cloth art, warm and soft. Moreover, but also has many pillows, can be combined into different bed morphology. This is just like is also a bed, but it was more than a bed freely changeable, comfortable and warm. And two people to have sex when

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also added some minerals. Add the milk to the Mashed Potato

in addition to eat fruits and nuts and other convenient entrance snacks, and I will always do "add a meal for myself". Match 8 Women’s Day is coming, give women friends recommend 3 I used to do "eat", which is simple, nutrition, taste good.

purple sweet potato hill


ingredients: 400 grams of purple sweet potato, yam 100 grams.

productions: 1 purple sweet potato, yam steamed into mud. 2 with a clean gauze wrapped in purple sweet potato

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become dark brown or dark brown

breast nipples are part of the structure. The nipple is the entire breast tissue, parts of the most important functions of the nipple appearance is more appropriate, can foil the plump breast beauty.

female nipple, areola color normal is reddish or pinkish brown, if the nipple, areola color has changed, can prompt the female body endocrine systems of some physiological changes or pathological changes.


nipple, areola color change has two reasons:

, physiol

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//photo.39.net//PictureLib/A/ CT100024/CT1500001061/2011-07-25/b_a11725043227521.jpg&lt

(/11) [Enter] < atlas;! — thumbnail start code –> < li> < a href=’#p=PT1500012526’hidefocus=’true’> < img src=’http://photo.39.net//PictureLib/A/CT100024/CT1500001061/2011-07-25/t_11725043227521.jpg’ alt=’5 step skilled massage let big chest tight small chest UPUP’/> < /a> < h2> the 5 step hand massage to let the big chest tight small chest UPUP< /h2> < p> < /p> <! — first a large map to start –> < I title=’img’> http://photo.

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winter take a warm bath

everyone to take a shower, but ask yourself, you really will take a shower? Especially in the winter take a shower, how long wash time, temperature and how much the right and so on, are "hidden knowledge", many people may want to have never thought, more can’t know washed wrong bath will bring about what kind of consequences.

First "warm up"

take a shower before winter

and eat is the same reason, if drinking ice water immediately to drink hot wa

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other causes of breast ptosis.

wants to get rid of "Princess Taiping" now give you the recommended 3 coup, let you have a good body! With different situations, to write such a "breast cheats", perhaps, you are still beautiful "trick" on them.

breast three trick inventory:

NO.1: a potent therapeutic breast


is suitable for object: congenital dysplasia, flat, breast ptosis.

strokes show to explain: this kind of women have a common characteristic, is

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fine needle aspiration biopsy

female breast inflammation causes fever, chills, disease side breast swelling heat pain, lumps appear, finally the formation of abscess of symptoms, occurrence of mastitis should be how to do?

mastitis of acute onset, can be accompanied by fever, chills, disease side breast swelling heat pain, lumps appear, finally the formation of abscess etc.. The beginning of mastitis, breast tenderness swelling pain, mass, surface swelling, fever; if continue to develop, then the mastitis sympt

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breast lobular hyperplasia epithelial cells.

according to the relevant data issued by the World Health Organization, between the incidence of depression between 20%-45% of cancer patients, significantly higher than in the general population the incidence of 6.1%-9.5%, and the breast cancer patients with depressive tendency is particularly obvious.

modern medicine found that negative emotions can affect the body’s endocrine system, so as to reduce the person’s immune system, resulting in a decline in the capacity of resistance

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many possible causes

Chi Mei Medical Center Director of women in obstetrics and Gynecology urology Wu Mingbin points out, the rules of the menstrual period, endometrial? From hormones fluctuation by law the regulation of menstrual period, usually? For about 28 days, from 21 days to 35 days between all normal menstrual period 1 times, an average of about 4 days, more than 7 days is not normal, but if the blood volume of 1 cycles if more than 80c.c. is excessive.

Menstrual disorder

easy   be careful

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in the investigation for up to 6 years

A new study shows that

America University of Washington, the girl from the developmental stage (12 years old) play more sports, can effectively prevent the occurrence of breast cancer in adulthood.


researchers studied 65000 people aged 24 to 42 year old nurse were investigated, mainly for their 12 year old later movement situation.

in the investigation for up to 6 years, 550 women were diagnosed with breast cancer before the menopause.

data shows, if women i

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nutrition to moderate

adolescent girl should make breast health care. Adolescent breast start development, do not prematurely wear bra. Breast fully developed after can begin to wear a bra, but firmness should be appropriate, not too shy overtighten corset.

The process of

in the development of breast, sometimes there may be a slight pain or itch, do not use hand knead crowded or scratching. Adolescent females should recognize: this period of breast development is normal physiology phenomenon, but also on

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actually do push ups does not make breasts larger


long-term extrusion cleavage is to reduce or prevent intramammary lymphatic flow, local poor blood, resulting in hyperplasia of mammary glands, and the long time chest activities is limited, also will affect the normal breathing. In addition, crowded cleavage makes the fiber bundle in breast and breast duct long-term pressure, will affect the postpartum milk secretion and excretion, direct impact on the future of nursing.

actually, out of crowded chest time to do exercise

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also accompanied with abnormal menstrual symptoms

pregnancy will all pay more attention to the ovulation, pregnancy must have the egg, but some people find themselves not detecting ovulation or eggs are not mature, so what method can ovulation? Xiaobian today give you eat these foods can promote ovulation, everyone together to have a look.

is an important reproductive organ of the female ovary, in the women’s menstrual cycle, every month there will be a time of ovulation, the egg formation and discharge is accomplished by the ovar

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adverse to health.

recipe: regular massage

through the massage can relieve breast tension, so that the breast more plump, and effectively prevent skin relaxation.


method: below with palms interactive push up the breast, gently lift, then holds the breast outside to inside push, can prevent breast sagging and external expansion. Massage when the first smear some olive oil or natural lotion, massage can make more smooth, also can maintain the skin of the breast.

secret two:

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do not have to go to beauty salons

the woman wants to become white, do not have to go to beauty salons, daily fruit and vegetable in the hidden thousands on thousands of whitening master. The face thick black edible ginseng yam porridge, neck Brown Black eat black rice gruel, waist and abdomen can eat more foods containing vitamin C, eye ring black can……

, the face thick black


black face for kidney deficiency caused by deficiency of essence and blood, at the same time, health, diet and nutrition,

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term is partial to one side sleeping posture increases a woman’s breast asymmetry. Not only that

today will tell you what is causing 10 killer flat chested, with these bad habits of the MM can be quickly corrected Oh, otherwise will regret a lifetime.

, high calorie diet

breast lipoma and like most high calorie fat person Predestiny, is one of the most common benign tumor of the body surface, can any parts of adipose tissue occurs in the body, but the breast is seen, the onset age of 30~50 years old was much. Its main performance is a unilateral increase slower growth

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it is best not to use contraceptives.

the women should not eat birth control pills

1, suffering from acute, chronic hepatitis and nephritis women should not take. Because the contraceptive into the body is in the liver metabolism, excretion by the kidneys, if suffering from acute, chronic hepatitis and nephritis women use, will increase the liver, kidney burden.

2, suffering from disease or cardiac dysfunction in human heart can not use. Estrogen containing birth control pills make the body of water, substance

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if the breast examination can not find any disease

Some patients with

breast department may also found no clear lump, just the nipple and areola itching, rash, looks like eczema, in fact, this also may be suffering from a special kind of cancer, namely Paget" s disease, is also the nipple eczema – like breast cancer. So, don’t ignore will change slightly.

physiological changes:

1, women after pregnancy, starting from the first trimester, nipple, areola color will deepen, from light red by into a dark brown, this cha

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residue retention to remove this detoxification way.

since 2013, each big city in succession by the haze of occupation. Then we suddenly realize, this thing is not to avoid toxins and ignore will disappear hide. When the mask to become the new city of human necessities, placed in the body of toxins can be easily ignored! Every breath of air, food, drink water, if not clean, will affect the health of the body Many a little make a mickle. toxin.

detoxification is very fashionable, and indeed is dirty toxins can clean out of the interio

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eat too salty

The following

editor will take everyone to recognize these bad habits, if you come back, it would have to have a look the corresponding solutions to the


commonly used computer, "steal" vitamin A.

often facing the computer, TV screen, the eyes will often bear the light intensity change and flashing, will consume a lot of energy form the surface of the retina photosensitive material of vitamin A.


deal with these habits of people should increase

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to observe the breast shape

breast cancer occurs in the 45-70 year-old middle-aged and elderly women. Breast cancer also breast mass with performance, mostly showed cobblestone shape, round or ellipse. They hard as stone, bump surface less smooth, poor activity, prone to adhesion with the skin and surrounding tissue.

daily feel the chest 200 times immunity enhanced

first, the night of 21 to 23 when the lights go to bed. One day 5 sleep peak. The first peak was at 23 hour. Miss, sleeping 2 only in th

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breast cystic hyperplasia

[introduction: the risk of fibroadenoma of the breast of women in general age slants small, mostly between 20 to 25 years of age, so the medical profession that the incidence of estrogen active.

above the breast palpable mass

if the outside top of the breast to touch a mass (about 3/4 of cases of the disease was a single mass), tough texture, smooth surface, clear boundary, no adhesion with the surrounding tissues, it is easy to be promoted, and tumor growth was very slow

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women should recognize the hyperplasia of mammary glands and emotional relationship

emotional instability, love angry, but anger harms liver, liver deposition, two rib pain, breast and liver size has a close relationship.

therefore, hyperplasia of mammary glands and emotional relationship, emotional instability is an important factor in the high incidence of hyperplasia of mammary glands, suggested that women should be appropriate for their own decompression, maintain emotional stability, optimism, positive prevention of breast hyperplasia.

Dual role of women

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many women will often double hold in the chest


hump oppresses chest tissue, a long time, it will affect the health of the bust, so go with head high and chest out, should maintain the posture.

collapse and

collapse and will increase the burden of lumbar spine, impede blood circulation, thereby affecting the development of the pectoral muscles, so women should always have straight waist, so that the body will be very good.


many women will often double hold in the chest, this position w

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in breast tumor fiber patients

– the fibroadenoma of the breast is a common breast benign tumor, most likely to attack the 20-25 years old young girl

– the experts found that in the clinic: the more rich, more prone to breast fibroadenoma, suspected of these women in the wealth creation process overdraft health

medical guidance / breast center of Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University professor Ye Changsheng director of

breast fibroadenoma is a common benign tumor of the breast

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you ah some hyperplasia of breast.&quot

in a routine physical examination, many women have been the doctor reminds: "you ah some hyperplasia of breast." It makes a lot of lady very nervous, fear and breast cancer hang the bait. The expert thinks, you need not be so nervous, composed of hyperplasia of mammary glands evolved into cancer probability is very small, as long as attention to adjust their mood, relieve pressure, coupled with some treatment, breast hyperplasia is not a threat to the health of.

70% to 90

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the female hormone&quot


the latest domestic and breast cancer statistics, new cases of breast cancer each year nearly 7000 people, including in situ carcinoma accounted for 660 people, the other for invasive carcinoma. The annual increase in breast cancer patients with the scale of 7%, Taiwan ranked first female cancer incidence, mortality fourth. So

, what habits among female breast cancer?

may cause of female breast cancer, long-term by the habit 1 female hormone stimulation of

what are

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