Cherish every chance to get on

woman in hot pursuit of the most worthless, but also minutes right away to the God, it is better to use a small strategy, attract his eyes drew his heart, finally let him start substantive pursuit "action" after you get it. Attack capture a man’s heart, sweet love is coming ~

friends do not waste resources

if you have mutual friends the best, if not also never mind, let people around to help out his current state of feeling, so you avoid detours. If a close friend is he around people, might as well buy off her let her speak up for you, in a word, these easy to overlook the surrounding resources, will you help inadvertently.

bravely that he

if you know before, then you have more advantages than others, more an excuse to close to him, and then chat can be cold not the D suggested that he, you admire him, even to him as a boyfriend of the template, a man saw a woman for themselves such a heart, will be hard to avoid some little pride, more will like the feeling with you, because he is in front of you is in too man. All these have to rely on you to suggest the obvious point, but to grasp the sense of propriety.

The most critical

women capital

woman looking for the other half to see the character, the ability to see the man, to find a partner is not just grab a can, now the social pressure is so great, who also don’t want to find a live on the labour of others women have nothing to do at home. So you don’t forget to improve yourself and show your capital to him, let him see the hope, and you in the together life must know, independent woman most can "Yue" man, "Yue" is their own.

give a chance and let the hero save the United States

men are like when the hero, give him a chance to let him help you see in you, ask him the instant his heart was full of heroic spirit. Small to move and lift up, to emergency borrowing money, as long as he felt there was need to feel in front of you, you will feel proud. But do not casually added whim, this will erase his masculinity, revolted him. Remember to be grateful for, no matter how small he helped you busy, to worship, praise him, regard him as a hero, so he’ll be more easy heart favor.

Maternal warmth him

hero will be tired, man is also hard. Don’t let them take too much pressure, a man looking for someone to love him and replace a mother to take care of him, their mind are like that can let oneself act in pettish in front of her girls. A man frustrated, he needs a glorious protection with maternal from you. Even the gay friend relationship, want to maintain an ambiguous or further, never laugh at difficulties in frustration he, at this time the man most need to get your approval, depending on your warmth to relax, and then restore confidence.

Cherish every chance to get on

you are not his roommate, nor his brothers and sisters, you get along with the time and frequency is always less poor, though you heartily joy >

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