color affects the nervous and emotional

now lives, more and more people affected by the color, tie-in Home Furnishing design is very particular about color and tone. Some people put forward: the formation of a child’s character is also influenced by the living environment color, some color can stimulate one’s appetite. Color really have so much influence on people’s psychological and emotional? And why people will be affected by the influence of color?

color effect of emotion

color affects the nervous and emotional

people’s personal experience shows, color has an important impact on people’s psychological activity, especially has a very close relationship and emotional.

has all sorts of color influences people’s psychology and mood in various fields in our daily life, entertainment, military activities and so on. All sorts of people: the ancient rulers, modern entrepreneurs, artists, advertisers and so on in the application of color unconsciously influence, control people’s psychological and emotional. People’s clothing, food, shelter, but also every hour and moment reflects the use of colors: put on a summer lake blue clothes will make people feel cool, people to tune into the sauce of red meat, will have more appetite. The reason why the colors can influence a person’s state of mind and mood, is the color derived from nature congenital color.

psychologist thinks, the person’s first feeling is visual, and the visual impact is the biggest color. Effect of human behavior is the color, is caused by the actions dominate many time vulnerable to emotional. The reason why the colors can influence a person’s state of mind and mood, is the color derived from nature inherent color, blue sky, red blood, golden sun…… See these and the nature of congenital color the same color, natural will associate associated with these natural material feeling experience, this is the impact of the most primitive. It may also be of different regions, different countries and nationalities, different personality has common sense experience reason for some color.

for example, red often bring these gives people the feeling, passion, positive: stimulation, unrestrained and strength, and solemn, Su Mu, happy and happy and so on. Green is the color of nature grassland and forest, with a life of permanent, ideal, young, fresh, safe, peaceful means, give a person with cool feeling. Blue make people feel distant, quiet, empty and so on.

with the development of society, more and more material influence people’s sense of color association, the people also more and more complex for color perception. For example, for the green feeling experience, experienced the "Cultural Revolution" and not the experience of the people the feeling is not the same.

color can affect people’s psychology and physiology

Scientific research of

on color and human psychological and emotional relationship discovery, color on people’s psychology and physiology will influence.

foreign scientists study found: in the red light irradiation, people’s brain waves and electrodermal activity will change. In the red light irradiation, hearing the feelings of people decreased, increased grip strength. The same object in the red light to see than in the Blu ray seem bigger >

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