contra himself depressed mood

Li Bing for contra temporarily palm bodied helm Mitchell and team compatible – Contra ultimately failed to coach after the season. Guangzhou Daily reporter Liu Yi photo Li Bing substituted contra temporarily palm bodied helm – Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhang? For the contra coach, Fuli Club finally to the choice. Since yesterday, decimating the training has delegated to the team leader Li Bing? This means, decimating the last 10 round superior league tournament is likely to under the command of Li Bing transition is complete contra has had to accept dim and the fate of the class. Want at the outset, decimating in Sven Goran Eriksson is contra poached in emergency situations, in fact, have the taste of "matchmaker". Less than 40 contra is, of course, the European football a in the rising period of the Young Marshal, his ability did get a Spanish test. However, after all, not in spain. Contra join Fuli beginning, launched a Spanish play 433, defensive high closing down, changing the team established training and rest time measures proved acclimatized, even is wishful thinking. R & F in the first two years of basic form of tactical style, forced to tear down again. At the beginning of the season, contra LED R & F double start smoothly, which also made him lightly thoughts, the enormity of Super League and Asian Games lack of knowledge. Contra team lacks of super teams fully judge, tactical design lack of pertinence and single, resulting in a lineup played in the first half of the year, and now in disabled full camp situation. Contra favored disciple Mitchell is not parallel, but the problem is belong to this gentleman "system player", does not have the ability to single handedly to change the situation of the war. Over the last half of the season, although there are a few Mitchell performance flash, but still can not be compatible with the team, the final drag on the trust value of CONTRA in the team. More deadly is, marshal contra temperament staunch, and clubs, local players, in aid of the crack is more and more, especially the contradiction between Hammond, Aron, Puzhong you and other foreign aid and contra almost already open. Although the club has more than a number of the club’s position to support CONTRA, trying to improve this strange atmosphere, but the results proved to be a failure. And now decimating the relegation zone only 3 points, the most critical moment has faced in the super. CONTRA in the super actually only made two home victory, and often staged by the opponent to reverse the scene. With Lien Chan defeats, team morale, contra himself depressed mood, this situation even than in the past faliyasi teach period worse. In this context, Fuli club can only consider coaching. In the case of more than one of the new foreign teachers hired to recruit, Li Bing once again become the only option for the fire fighting captain.

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