convinced that he would have saved the penalty

Girl don’t cry! Women although defeated a glorious Haowei: haven’t play real level – Sohu sports before the whistle was the penalty, the women’s World Cup China team battle lost 0:1, goalkeeper Wang Fei after tears Beijing time yesterday morning at 6 o’clock, 2015 Canadian women’s World Cup opening ceremony, Chinese female foot opener fill in stage is host of Canadian penalty lore. Although lost the first battle, but as the world cup, the youngest team, Chinese women’s football in spirit and morale to achieve the ultimate, glorious defeat, with applause. Goalkeeper after tears FIFA Women’s World Cup opener against hosts Canada, Chinese women’s football team lost in the front of a grain of controversial penalty, 0:1 defeat. This is the Chinese women’s soccer team to participate in the world cup for the first time since the defeat in the first battle. Controversy occurred in the ninetieth minute scene: Canadian players Leon and close to the defensive after the fall of Zhao Rong. When the referee pointed to the spot, the scene of more than 5 million audience did not seem to react immediately, after a moment of silence that broke the flood of cheers. The audience not a mistake, opponents evaluated as "unbelievable" goalkeeper Wang Fei, roar several voices, convinced that he would have saved the penalty, but flying fell to the ground and determine the direction of her, only watched the ball rolled into the corner. This run and fight for the full 90 minutes of the Chinese girls team, means everything to vanish like soap bubbles. This game, whether it is from the ball or from the number of shots and shots, the Chinese women’s women’s team, however, from the post game show, the Chinese women’s football in the second half performance has been more sure, after all, these young girls are concerned, this is their first World Cup in football. After the game, goalkeeper Wang Fei shed tears of regret. Wang Fei before the game that this is a five five open game, but she must not think of, the game into the game to stop and fill, they encountered the biggest test of the game. Even though she was struggling to be in the right direction, she was unable to save the team. The coach did not dispute down the track, all the girls are China choke with sobs. Until I came to mix panel interview, Zhao Rong still red eye, hoarse voice: "this is a reasonable collision, not a penalty. No way, this is the home advantage. For this game, we have done everything to prepare, but to get the result, we are very sad." At the post match press conference, the Chinese women’s football coach Hao Wei said: "the game is very difficult, our players in the field only adapted to one, do well. We were sentenced to a penalty in the final phase of the match, losing the game, it is a pity." When the referee the deadly penalty when, always composed of Chinese women’s football team assistant coach regular Wei Wei on the sidelines is very angry, the bottle fell heavily to the ground. For this controversial penalty, Hao Wei said: "we are here to participate in the competition, respect all the verdict. In the end is not a penalty, I did not see, to go back to see the video." Hao Wei believes that the Chinese women’s football for the young and lack of experience in the competition to pay the price. He said: "we have not completely played out their own level, after all, is the first game. Our players are very young.

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