currently signed players are casemiro

Exposure to Real Madrid coach wrath summer transfer Wuwei asked to sign dott ace sports Tencent July 28 hearing, according to the Spanish "Mr. football" broke the news, Real Madrid (data) boss Rafa Benitez for high-rise buildings in this summer’s transfer operation very dissatisfied, he named asked to sign Royce, Harvey – Martinez and other star players, and his favorite object and Vidal and Stirling, but the two players was Bayern Munich and Manchester City (data) that the early bird catches the worm. Therefore, Benitez is very angry. Benitez intends to Royce annual Real Madrid are to be linked with a move to the protagonist in the market, but this summer, Florentino Perez did not bring heavy new aid to Real Madrid, currently signed players are casemiro, Danilo, Casilla and Vazquez, to be fair, these players are non superstar, and to improve the squad of little help. Real Madrid boss Rafael Benitez is very dissatisfied with the top summer transfer operation, he has already told general manager Jose – Angel Sanchez (microblogging), hope the other party can bring valuable signings, "Mr. football" said. However, Sanchez has told Rafa Benitez can consider reuse Ascencio, tcherichev, Vazquez, Casilla et al. However, Benitez is hoping to get some of the big players, he listed the a list, hoping to get a striker, a waist, a left-sided player and a right-sided players. The Spanish media said Benitez favorite players had Stirling, Vidal, Harvey – Martinez (microblogging) and Royce, but at present Stirling and Vidal "flowers", Benitez can only pursue other star, "Mr. football", Royce will be Real Madrid to focus on the pursuit of the object, the German international transfer fee may be as high as 35 million euros. (smoke ring)

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