curry shot 20 10

Cole: Curry downturn is not just feel bad with concussion Cole said curry the World War II just feel bad of sina sports dispatch Beijing time on October 6 (Cleveland time 9), warriors at Quicken Loans arena were shooting training, Stephen curry and feel of the state become media are most concerned about the topic, coach Steve Cole said, curry is a feel good, there is no relationship with the push of concussion. Warriors of the shooting training, than the expected time long 20 minutes, open training, curry is still present on the shootaround, Cole was besieged by reporters, subject of course inseparable from behind the disciples. "Stephen will be from his slump in the ‘cast’ out?" A reporter asked. "Is he in the doldrums? Stephen – Curitiba will slump, what do his first game? I can’t remember (irony), "Cole said," Stephen is a play is not good, not shooting well, but basketball field such things have occurred, each wearing a shirt to play have experienced, he did not in the doldrums, just a played well. " Finals opener, curry shot 20 10, one-third of the ball 6 2, 26 points, 8 assists and 4 rebounds, the World War II, curry of 23 shots only 5, one-third of the ball is 15 in 2, the hit rate of only 13.3%. There is speculation, curry feel not good, whether to push, when concussion in this regard, Cole made it clear that there is No. "No, no, he’s not in the body," Cole said. "Sometimes I don’t have to shoot, just like I said before, we can do it better, and we hope that we can do it today." (Li Shuangfu)

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