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Sheng Li: my idol is Romario to China because of the desire to join the Leo sina sports news in the middle of the season during the transfer, from Brazil striker Leo to loan to join the Jiangxi league. Today, Leo came to Jiangxi Liansheng has been more than a month, whether in peacetime training or competition, performance is very positive, efforts, began in earnest. Away in Beijing Beikong game is harvested in Liansheng debut goal. Eye-catching performance in a game against the home court Wuhan zall, was named the best spot. Next, let us together to in-depth understanding about the in Basel, Switzerland, played, on behalf of the Samsung Bluewings played in the AFC Champions League, scored against Beijing Guoan gate of Brazil’s striker. Q: what’s your impression of Chinese food? A: because I have been to Brazil and Western food, so I am not very understanding of Chinese food. Q: if you don’t have to be a professional player, what would you most likely do? A: if I don’t play football, I will study and get a job. Q: when did you start to touch football? Who is your idol? A:9 years old to touch football, my idol is Romario. Q: you have any hobbies besides football? A: at home with family. Q: what is the reason for you to come to China? A: the love of football and the yearning for china. Q: what’s the difference between the Chinese and Korean K? A: the difference is not big. Q: you joined the Jiangxi League for more than a month, whether to adapt to the game and the city? A: I love this city very much. Q: about Jiangxi Liansheng scored his first goal? A: before Beijing Beikong game I think will score, because I always keep a good state and confidence. Q: we have 7 games, how much do you think? A: try my best, I’m confident that I can score more goals. Q: what is your biggest goal in the near future? A: to help the team avoid relegation success. Q: you talk about two villagers in Brazil (de Meyerson, Adidas) opinion? A: they are my good brothers, they are very good players. Q: have you ever thought about the next goal to Chinese fans show your Samba dance? A: Hunan Xiang Tao this game if I score, I will dance the samba. (Liansheng Guanwei)

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