disposable things ended

              as the saying goes: "turnip green vegetables, each love somewhat." Just as human food preferences, between husband and wife sex life, each person has his own preference. This is normal psychological and physiological phenomena. Sexual life is husband and wife living in normal physiological needs and psychological comfort, therefore, between husband and wife should honestly tell each other their own sexual preference, it can better improve the quality of life, there is no need to hide, even if your preference seemed "particularly".

play a: biggest meet

Mr. Liang is a football player, at a friend’s party, he knew the delicate and exquisite, the gentle middle school teacher Miss Chen, two people fall in love at first sight.

after six months of love, Mr. Liang and Miss Chen tie the knot. Wedding night, Mr. Leung fear of his huge body hurt his wife. Seeing her husband cautiously without any noise like give a pleasant smile of a woman, his wife, said softly: "you are so tired, relax." "I’m afraid to hurt you." "Never." Wife said blushing shame. See the wife be bashful appearance, Mr. Liang is with great care, to be very careful. He wants to try to behave gentle some, don’t let when the teacher’s wife felt very rude.

disposable things ended, Mrs. Liang inexplicably lost his temper, said her husband actually didn’t want to have sex with her, every time she is perfunctory. Originally, Mrs. Liang surface quiet actually craving passion natural emotional life, had many beam is Mr. in football the powerful figure and forthright character just marry him. In courtship, she often goes to see him play, every time I see him wearing a fire red V collar shirt, like a wild horse like suddenly left and right, galloping on the playground, in her heart, always have a kind of unspeakable sense of satisfaction.

analysis: his wife’s complaining that Mr. Liang is very angry. He said since marrying Mrs. yield to all, even the sex life are afraid of her hurt, get mentally very nervous. Liang Taitai this just understand, originally this is done entirely to her husband. So she frankly told her husband, she actually appreciate male strong, full of strength and beauty, do not appreciate men too tender. So a couple of readjustment of the way of life, the beam won the biggest meet mrs.. But Mr Leung since we can discard some unwarranted scruples, husband and wife live very carefree, natural.

beam wife sexual preference is loving spouse in action rough, Mr Leung for fear of wife suspected he was rough, try to create "gentle", but the wife dissatisfaction. Through the exchange, the couple of sexual activity way is adjusted, then the two sides in sexual life with the tacit understanding.

play two: do not belong to the majority of

Mr. Zhang in the ready to get married when you carefully read a lot about the knowledge of books. He read in a book that: the clitoris is most important female erogenous zones. Sex life after marriage <

contact you must cooperate with the environment, if in the kitchen, will be "quick fix", do not have too much romance; while in the light, is more suitable for strong, wild sex ; or you can little candles, a fire, create the twilight light, this is a slow passion to match this perceptual environment, not because the familiar or comfortable and fall into the habit of immutable and frozen. Sex should be exciting, sometimes change — small example from bright became dark — enough to incite in your contact in the sexual spark.

try don’t think of local love in some of you two, ensure the stimulation!

sex what place you in, may be more than you how, can let your lover excited. Even in another room sex of your family, or in a crowded room quietly told her that she makes you how excited, also can maintain the novelty and excitement.

is a sensory experience, when you use all the feeling, the passion will improve. If you limit your sex place, that you are on the limit of your own. Before you try it before, you will never know sex in unusual places, can make you so excited.

anywhere in the world may be sex place, may become uncomfortable or act in haste, but, in the car, outdoors or in a banquet Restroom, sex generated passion than any inconvenience worth. You don’t have to give up the bedroom and comfortable secret, however, if you have a chance, you will have a memorable experience.

can you planned your sexuality in unusual places, can come very naturally occur in that place.

your lover might reluctantly agreed to, or that you will be "live arrest". Don’t force her, but, when you see a good place, and time permits, will not hesitate to recommend her sex. Your lover may just need to get used to the idea, then let her interest to this thing.

if you plan to have sex in unusual places, in advance to determine >

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