drugs can stimulate breast development can be used to breast enhancement

female breast flat is the spleen

Chinese experts say, women’s flat chested, many see the breast ptosis, and China women generally temper nothing directly related, therefore, can breast enhancement food first is certainly can spleen food, but definitely not like papaya snow clam.

snow clam is Rana oviduct, if it can breast enhancement might be because there remain some estrogen, as for papaya, is entirely unfounded rumour, it does not contain any substances stimulate the development of breast. Then the food, drugs can stimulate breast development can be used to breast enhancement? The answer is no, because this kind of breast enhancement method is very dangerous!

before you eat snow clam in the stew cooked after the amount of estrogen, and if there is, is more careful, because estrogen is a "double-edged sword", the was not low estrogen in the body of women, supplementation is going to brave the carcinogenic risk. Breast cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer and estrogen associated with abnormal. If a woman when the menopause is not menopause, estrogen is still very strong, so she is much more than others, the risk of the above three kinds of cancer, and estrogen supplement human equals to increase this risk.

breast fullness or not is the first genetic, the second is the constitution, if you itself is a "Spleen Deficiency" of the constitution, the more estrogen can cause cancer, but can not change the breast flat, drooping results.

Chinese medicine said the spleen, circulation through the breast, spleen deficiency, it passes through the organs, organizations have to bear a heavy burden, so the "classic" said women after the age of thirty-five "the face starts to coke, hair starts to fall, face began to languish, the hair began to fall, and after the age of thirty-five spleen deficiency related.

so, can really play a role in breast food, is a seemingly ordinary but can fill yam, lotus seeds, jujube temper, pumpkin, carrot, millet, they can through strong temper makes spleen everywhere can blood filling, is not only the breast, and circulation of the face. So a temper strong man, must be a compact lines, look good.

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