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researchers said, compared with the carnivorous, vegetarian drink or smoke less, exercise more, but 28% vegetarians are more prone to panic and anxiety, the incidence rate of depression is higher than that of the general population 18%. In addition, vegetarian will bring more influence to the health of women:

zinc deficiency: Vegetarian zinc intake is relatively low. And the plant zinc bioavailability of zinc deficiency, low, can affect the immune function and sexual desire, so vegetarians should strive to reach or exceed the recommended intake of zinc.

lack of vitamin B12: vitamin B12 is almost only found in animal products, long-term eating vegan, a serious lack of vitamin B12, there will be a special visual hallucinations, may also make the rise in blood is known as a "high cysteine" components, and this substance will increase the risk of blood disease.


deficiency: dozens of containing only non heme iron, the human body to from vegetarian food iron absorption, so poor,, although the iron content of vegetarian eating high than meat, but vegetarian stock iron is relatively low.

deficiency: fish is the main food human get iodine, but in the long run, don’t eat fish, easy to cause "iodine deficiency".

The quality of

protein low: Vegetarian intake of protein quality is relatively low, although the vegetarians can be as much as by plant obtained with non vegetarian protein, but the quality of vegetable protein to be worse than animal protein, lysine and other amino acids must be less.

low calorie: long-term vegetarian diet, protein and fat is serious insufficient, easily lead to malnutrition. Protein is the main raw materials to build and repair body tissues, the lack of long-term to the body’s resistance is affected greatly; fat high calorie, unsaturated fatty acid is the "brain food", a very important to promote the brain intelligence development.

lack of vitamin D: if the lack of adequate vitamin D, will lead to a huge loss of calcium, osteoporosis, rickets, caused by skeletal skeletal structure is weak and other symptoms.

deficiency: for those who fasted for dairy products, calcium deficiency is very common. Calcium intake completely vegetarian than lacto ovo vegetarians and omnivores are low. The lack of calcium, especially women, to the middle-aged and elderly susceptible to osteoporosis.

memory: many older people are afraid of suffering from chronic diseases, hypertension, diabetes, so a vegetarian diet, but the new study shows, long-term vegetarian because of a lack of protein and vitamin B12 and other nutrients, leading to memory loss, listlessness, unresponsive, fatigue and other symptoms.

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