eat too salty

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editor will take everyone to recognize these bad habits, if you come back, it would have to have a look the corresponding solutions to the


commonly used computer, "steal" vitamin A.

often facing the computer, TV screen, the eyes will often bear the light intensity change and flashing, will consume a lot of energy form the surface of the retina photosensitive material of vitamin A.


deal with these habits of people should increase of dietary vitamin A supply, can choose the animal liver, egg yolk, cheese, whole milk, fatty fish and so on the content of vitamin A rich food, also can add a variety of orange fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins, papaya, and a variety of green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, Gai Lan, lettuce, cabbage, because they contain beta carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the body.

eat too salty, "steal" calcium.


study found that the more salt intake, the more calcium excreted in the urine, the absorption of calcium also worse.

response methods: in addition to learn how to calculate salt in salt, also want to notice to contain a large number of "stealth salt" food such as sausages, luncheon meat, canned food and instant noodles and other food processing. Heavy people appropriate reduction in salt intake at the same time, but also eat green leafy vegetables, dairy products, soy products and other foods high in calcium.

to drink too much, "stolen" vitamin B.

a large number of drinking will consume the body store of water-soluble vitamins, especially vitamin B, because the metabolism of alcohol can cause consumption to the. Therefore, often drinking a lot of people, should be more intake of vitamin B, avoid emotional instability, poor spirit and other problems due to the lack of.

to deal with: oats, millet, beans and other coarse grains, lean meat, peanuts are rich in vitamin B. Need to be reminded that the vitamin B in the alkaline environment easily lost, so boiled porridge grains must not add alkali.

drink tea, "steal" iron.

a lot of people like tea, but tea contains tannic acid, react with the iron element in food, produce new substances difficult to dissolve, will hinder the absorption of iron, especially iron deficiency anemia people should pay attention to.

response methods: tea health advice to light, moderate to good. Also, pay attention to eat iron rich foods, such as lean meat, eggs, animal liver, animal blood (duck blood, pig blood) etc..

the old smoke, "steal" vitamin C.

The harmful components of

in the smoke tar will be a large number of loss of vitamin C. According to statistics, smoking a cigarette about consume 25 milligrams of vitamin C; if it is passive smoking, loss of vitamin C more, even as high as 50 mg.

response methods: so the smoking habits or is often passive exposure to tobacco smoke people, usually should eat vitamin C rich foods, to vegetable and fruit based, such as jujube, kiwi fruit, citrus, green peppers >

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