eggs rich in protein

, the movement of shaping

anti breast ptosis, be careful to avoid long-term to do some high intensity running and jumping movements, which could lead to breast ptosis. But swimming is a both weight loss and plastic chest movement, because the water pressure on the thorax can not only make the respiratory muscles get exercise, but also a very good exercise chest muscle.

two, adhere to massage

in addition to sports, massage to the beautiful shape of breast massage is also very good, very simple.

1 from the breast center began to circle, up until the clavicle office.

2 from breast edge began to draw a small circle, the way to do spiral massage.

3 two hands gently grasp both sides of the breast, to gently pull, but don’t squeeze too hard. Every day after bath massage can be spent 5 minutes, repeat 8-10 times for each movement.

three, regulation of diet

let breast beauty, diet is also very important. Can eat some cabbage, cauliflower, and dairy products, lean meat, eggs rich in protein, soy products and so on. In addition, animal organs, fish, egg, bean sprouts, fresh fruit rich in vitamin B, which is an indispensable component of the synthetic estrogen, but estrogen secretion may promote the development of the breast and nipple, breast swell gradually become plump.

addition, to increase the elasticity of the breast to avoid sagging, should pay attention to posture, walk straight back, breast will naturally straighten; sitting when they should be chest rise; sleep supine or lateral position, not prone to. Do some deep breathing, can make the chest being fully developed. The right bra, set off to the right place, in order to reduce the effect of gravity, reduce the hurt.

(Editor: Teng Xiaolan intern editor: He Lili)

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