eliminate the bad mood

acute mastitis refers to acute suppurative infection of breast tissue, many from primipara, because the breast is chapped, breast duct openings obstruction, cause milk accumulation due to.

(postnatal food) in postpartum onset within six weeks up to see one side or double side and the pathogenesis. The disease of acute onset, early breast swelling, pain, skin red or reddish, local induration after gradually increased, pain, fever, if not active treatment, often transformed or abscess, after the disease can affect a patient breast secretion caused no milk.

Nursing points:

1, early massage and suck milk is to avoid into abscess Guan Jian. Patients or family members can use fingers to shun nipple direction gently massage, kneading and pushing pressure, make the milk flow to the opening, and a breast pump suction to suck the breast milk, orifice obstruction. After emptying the milk sucking should as far as possible, do not allow the accumulation.

2, traditional Chinese medicine external application. Awn extraction saltpetre 100 grams, grinding, add the flour into a paste. Sticking to the ipsilateral breast local, can relieve breast pain.

3, lactation to keep the nipple clean, commonly used warm water to wash the nipple; regular breast-feeding, every time as far as possible should be milk emptying, such as too much milk, the baby can not absorb, should use milkpump milk emptying; fever, body temperature of 39 degrees Celsius when not suck the milk.

4, not to let the baby with nipple sleep after breast-feeding bra hold up the breast.

5, diet should be light, easy to digest, eat less halo (digestive food) food, avoid spicy.

6, sluggish emotion is also associated with the disease, to persuade the patient to lift the worries, eliminate the bad mood, pay attention to mental conditioning.

(Intern editor: Zheng Yanjun)

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