fat beauty Yang Yuhuan caused the Tang Dynasty with plump for beauty trend outside

look at the foreigner’s view:

according to the British "sun" reported, happiness seems to appear together and the body curve of beautiful women in the human brain. The study surveyed 3000 women, said a spokesman for the study, bust 100 cm, 85C wear bra women are more satisfied with their body, is also more optimistic view of things. Investigation shows, wearing 85C customers are very satisfied with life and appearance, and very confident. Of which 25% of people feel happier than other women, more than 43% people very satisfied they are engaged in work, 30% of the people is very satisfied with his love life.

in this "the most happiness rankings list", the index of 85B wear bra women ranked second, followed by 75A, 90C and 75B wear bra women, they all think they are immersed in the happiness.

investigators found that wearing a bra cup 90E even more the woman is the most unhappy, nearly 20% of the people are very dissatisfied with the daily life, 10% of the people are not satisfied with your love life, only less than 4% of the people to the cause of satisfaction. In the most happy on the list, 90B wear bra women ranked second, the next is to wear 90C bra. But the researchers found that not only the large cup women don’t wear bra woman happy, 70A also ranked fourth.

this standard is a look at the figure according to the Caucasian division, is not suitable for Chinese woman figure.

Chinese aesthetic standards on the chest

always thought that the Chinese women began to focus on his chest is the result of the spread of Western learning to the east. In Chinese history, have never heard of a woman wrapped chest foot binding, in addition to the Tang Dynasty to the "natural beauty to be difficult to abandon the" fat beauty Yang Yuhuan caused the Tang Dynasty with plump for beauty trend outside, in the majority of Chinese dynasties, are as Ruoliu Fufeng thin body beauty.

throughout costume of ancient China, both the song Fu bellyband or Manchu before improved cheongsam, whatever slim women wear up more beautiful, so created Chinese Hanxiong bow down so many Chinese beauty. But as if between one night thing, attracted people’s vision by the kind of big breast beauty, compared to those foreign women round straight chest, many women feel small.

‘s big chest is true beauty? Chest really more popular among men, that can change the fate of women? In fact, when men in mate choice, is to pay attention to the woman’s family and temperament, not the first before the pay attention to a woman’s chest, more have never heard of a woman just because of the full D CUP’s chest, marry is better than flat chested woman.

before the blind date, responsible for the man in the middle introduction will tirelessly described their intellect and looks to both sides, it would not be the first to tell people who have a 36 D like Gong Li fullness in the chest. Chest size has always been the icing on the cake, with fullness in the chest of course >

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