ferry always deep whirlpool of public opinion among. But today was officially sacked after

23 the NBA: king boss refused to change the test God della story will be photographed on film – Sohu Sports Beijing time on June 23, the NBA has officially entered the offseason, but outside the stadium, there are still many messages of concern. The following is a summary of today’s NBA part of the message: king boss refused to trade test God according to the United States today, the king boss Rana Devil – Vivek in an interview, once again made it clear that, regardless of any time, the team will not deal with the test, we have no interest in Yi Cousins, so I do not know where these rumors come from…… Now we have a group of outstanding players, and the future we will build a team around him." Rana Devil said. Earlier today, ESPN exposed to the Lakers trade Cousins news. But in fact, to the matter, the king has always been a denial of attitude. Last week, the king’s new general manager Divac in the face of the media, have done a similar position. The guardian story will take a movie from the "open stand" message, due to the outstanding performance in the playoffs this year, Knight della Vedova’s story or will be moved to the big screen. According to the two leading the project Hollywood producer said, the film has entered the writing stage, and to the deeds of dellavedova as the prototype, tells the story of several Australian boy arrived in the United States alone, to pursue his basketball dream story. Just past the playoffs, Della Vedova with tough defense, is known to the outside world. And his story, except by the Hollywood film company’s Pro gaze, to get a more favorable contract this summer he, is also very good. Eagles fired racial discrimination general manager, according to media reports, the eagle buyout contract general manager Dan – ferry, this also means that, the two sides have officially broke up. As a for NBA players Luol Deng racist remarks, this past season, ferry always deep whirlpool of public opinion among. But today was officially sacked after, the ferry has expressed willingness to assume full responsibility for their mistakes, "I said those scouts report content, these are really out of my mouth, and this is completely inappropriate. I am deeply sorry for this and are willing to take full responsibility." Faria said. In addition, there is news that at present, the eagle has promoted the assistant general manager Willcocks for the team’s new general manager. Van Gundy to liumen Luo is not optimistic from ESPN news, the Pistons president and coach Stan van Gundy. Earlier in an interview acknowledged. The team in the summer to sign and return Greg Monroe, and now it seems is not optimistic about the prospects. This summer, Monroe will be a completely free agent. In the past this season, he played 69 times on behalf of the pistons, averaging 31 minutes, 10.2 points and 15.9 rebounds. Although, large fan also said that Monroe return is not a little hope, but it is clear that the piston is facing many competitors in the market. Earlier, the piston through the transaction for ilyasova, it was widely regarded as a search for a replacement for Monroe home. According to the number of players to exchange the thunder "Sports Illustrated" reporter)

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