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look at today’s popular all kinds of health books, you may often find such a statement: "first find the induration or pain point, and then rub repeatedly to disappear, in this way, the condition will be better……" And part of foot massage shop opened in the streets and lanes, there are many massages the teacher holds the same view, "specifically looking for a painful place to". So, these statements and practices is there truth?

on the breast induration don’t rub chaos

Chinese medicine, induration is cross network (limb musculature go local cord, poly rib lesions appeared on the hinder the circulation of Qi and blood, main and collateral channels) that caused by unreasonable. Main and collateral channels blocked, hand lead the line route and nearby symptoms; on the other hand will cause problems to the connection with the viscera. So, find the induration and rub open induration is indeed a good method of health care, but the induration is divided into two kinds: one kind is due to tendon strain caused by such induration, hard texture, often appear around the point of attachment in the joints and skeletal muscles, and appeared in the bursa, fascia, ligaments, fiber tube; another is due to blood two empty result, the induration softer texture, appearance of the site is not fixed.

need to pay attention to is, people don’t take the induration and superficial benign tumor be confused, as some sebaceous cyst, lipoma, hemangioma, fibroadenoma, neurofibroma and thyroid tumor, not much difference between the handle and the general induration, if were repeatedly knead by them, may aggravate the condition, and similar? Fossa cyst, breast hyperplasia, breast distending pain before and after the menstrual period case. So, when we can not judge the induration as it is, the best to the hospital for treatment is appropriate.

not as sore pain couldn’t press

Chinese medicine from the point of view, "looking for a pain point" is looking for the "Ashi points". "A point" was put forward by the Tang Dynasty medical home Sun Simiao, in Chinese medicine, also called "non fixed point" or "day should point". According to the "Huang Di Nei Jing" in "pain is lost", specifically refers to the position fixation for the treatment of diseases at the best point of stimulation. Because "Ashi" can accurately reflect the and treatment of disease, so in clinical go up to often be doctors use, such as the treatment of cervical vertebra disease, shoulder disease.

but after press, have the pain is sometimes caused by pathology, and sometimes it is a normal physiological reaction. The former is the pain obviously, stimulate intense; the latter slightly more, we should pay attention to the distinction. If a person without rubbing feeling visceral a regional or somewhere joint discomfort, pain, should go to hospital for examination, do not take it as a pain point and rubbing. In the acute injury of fractures, muscle injury, traumatic injury, you also don’t touch the pain point, so as not to aggravate the condition. With subcutaneous congestion, skin diseases, such as certain parts of swelling can also lead to touch the pain, then must not rubbing.

(Editor: Teng Xiaolan)

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