Fish in troubled waterThe characteristics of

about thirty meters, a lot of people most familiar should be "it’s politic to leave", in fact, in these tactics inside, know not what the real calculation strategy, it is precisely those trick in front of people, not only in the military benefit, also let the present people get a lot of inspiration in "sex" on the. Below small make up to the readers an example to introduce the thirty-six meter "ingenious application of 3 circumvent meter" category in the "sex" in.


Make a diversion

thirty-six in the diversionary mentioned in real life very high frequency, it takes the feint deception, cover the main in the first time to hit the crucial point.

in fact, diversion in the sex is a practical technique is quite effective.

foreplay, men use diversionary measure, with the fake in the woman up and down stroke, empty shakes a hand to the chest attack, but actually to nakedness; pretend is to the left chest attack, is attacking the right chest…… Women not only won’t because of this "cheating" and angry, but will find the bad man very fun, know how to make myself happy.

in the process of sex, men can make "very close" fake, women think men really will be very close, physical and mental nature will have the corresponding preparations, but at this moment, man is not inserted when women are ready, when a woman know swindled occasion sudden onslaught, women will be the quite interesting and very satisfying sex.

Wait at ease for an exhausted enemy

table plan, is in the enemy momentum Masamori the occasion, take a direct attack strategy, but held his ground, kill the morale of the enemy, the enemy be kept constantly on the run. At the same time to size up the situation, to find the most favorable fighter, so striking, in one fell swoop war.

in life , most women will be always in a passive state, but women are not all like this passive, they also like to take the initiative to obtain sexual pleasure. However, a woman of strength and passion does not usually exceed the man, nee sex has become their hearts a "helpless".

is actually a woman, there is absolutely no need for such "passive" sex but not fast, learn the thirty-six meter in the table, in the sexual strong amid instead of taking a positive "conflict", to be the man tired occasion, took the opportunity to suppress the man, take the initiative, with a crazy man to start.

Fish in troubled waterThe characteristics of

looting plan, is the use of time, decisively against each other. >

is a complete life process should include the foreplay, sex process and after the three stage play. The three stage is not only indispensable, and each stage has its particular relates to physiological, psychological and skill requirements, only to meet these requirements, or to master these skills, life can be the pink of perfection.


foreplay like sports activities of the warm-up match, or formal coital preparation activities, is the initial stage of sex activity, is the cultivation of emotional arousal, improve the degree of waiting for the physical and psychological produced a series of changes, until the process can sexual intercourse.


foreplay, vision can be appreciated through the spouse of the body and stimulate sexual arousal, sweet and provocative language can also add fuel to the flames, and special scent or perfume human can also cause sexual foreplay, in the beginning, in addition to visual and auditory, olfactory, tactile play the role of greater sexual stimulation, can also be said that the real sexual contact, is to touch as the core, a variety of caressing action to organic combination, step by step, from a lower to a higher level, not in one step.

general kissing, foreplay beginning, neck, chest, abdomen, until the reproductive organs, such as touch can embrace throughout the body, with the sexy belt is the main region, finally both kiss or touch will be focused on the of penis and the clitoris, especially in the clitoral stimulation is more important, because most of the female can stimulate reached <> through the clitoris

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