followed by a slow catch up

Ding Liren grade points innovates again tall on the Sino Russian challenge cup full of look forward to Ding Liren play chess League "Jolimark Cup" 2015 China Chess League (Shanghai railway station), we interviewed ranked first in China, not long ago had just defeated Israel evergreen tree Nagel Ding Liren. He in the eighth round win over Chengdu teenager Xu Xiangyu, the ninth round is defeated the Team Tianjin super foreign aid horse pull Hoff, continued the good momentum. Wenzhou tournament, you will win before the thought of Nagel? Before the game, I have to predict the possibility of 2-2 or 2.5-1.5, it is possible to win the other 2.5, but did not expect I will win 3-1. Me against the match success has not been very good, before losing to old bu (2010 the 15th anniversary of the city of Wenzhou chess activities), the world cup is a two disc, blitz is eliminated. Is the world cup more confident this year? Should be, after all levels of the rise, and now 2759 world row eleventh, in front of which is the first ten seeds, or more confident. The next goal, there is no thought into the first 10 or 5? Prior to the level of the game began to fall, followed by a slow catch up, the basic can maintain this level. This time after the discovery of the level of a record high, really did not expect. Actually the fourth disc before was quite anxious that chess is acceptable, the situation was once poor a little. But he chose has a problem, just give me a chance to, feeling to win less convincing, uncertain themselves whether matching 2760 this rating points. Now the league can be divided into the following 2600 points, the previous level of points, others say I do not think that the league is not a problem. It is not easy to win the game in the league now. Talk about the next match between China and Russia? Since he knows the game, our men’s team Orsay micro channel group is more active, we explore the order of appearance and help each other, very united, at present of the game expectant. (Zhang Jilin)

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