he is still back to play the game away in Miami. Although he had expressed dissatisfaction with the arrangement

Knight Christmas away exposure warriors Encore finals James: why is my road? Time of Beijing of sina sports dispatch on August 7, according to ESPN, the schedule for the new season will be formally announced, ahead of the schedule announced, the highlight of a set of Christmas wars get lead exposure, the Cavs will challenges on the road warriors, last season ‘s finals dialogue will be staged again. "Sources revealed that the alliance program put in last season’s NBA Finals showdown as a climax this year Christmas war drama, Knight will visit Auckland warriors challenge." ESPN reporter Mark Stein reported. But at the same time, Stein said, the source stressed that in the local time next week before the full schedule of the new season, the news is not official news, there may be changed. According to previous "Miami sentinel," the news, the new season will be the schedule in the local time on Tuesday, that is, Beijing time Wednesday officially announced. In last season’s finals, the warriors 4-2 over Knight gains the championship, the Christmas wars will be finals matchups staged again. Two teams in the offseason basically retains the last season’s lineup, warrior just sent David Lee and knight, though there is still no with J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson renewal, but from the point of view of the news only a matter of time, so the finals repeat basically can be regarded as authentic. But different, the knights in the finals last season opener will lose the Kyrie Irving, and their another main Kevin Loew also in the first round of the playoffs to submit an expense account, again in the dialogue of the Christmas, knight is likely to will to completely healthy lineup to challenge the defending champion, appear again in Oracle arena, they will probably want to revenge. However, the arrangement of the Christmas wars for James Lebron, some of the unhappy, as early as the heat of the three giants era, James’s four Christmas War on the three time is on the road, back to the first season, he is still back to play the game away in Miami. Although he had expressed dissatisfaction with the arrangement, but it seems that the Union did not take care of his intention, the Christmas War, James also go away. (Tinoke)

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