health chest are very good.

breast is a woman most care sites, all women to have a pair of both plump and sexy breast and proud. But now more and more lean, leading to more and more "Airport". Never mind, be congenitally deficient, make up the day after tomorrow.

in order to make breast more upright, more attractive, "the wire" and "sponge" has been playing an important role. But the woman did not know, these are destroyed the murderer of breast.

1, believed in the "women’s breasts like time, squeeze or some"


long-term extrusion cleavage is to reduce or prevent breast endolymph reflux, local poor blood, resulting in hyperplasia of mammary glands, and long time chest activity limitation, also will affect the normal breathing. In addition, crowded cleavage makes the fiber bundle in breast and breast duct long-term pressure, will affect the postpartum milk secretion and excretion, direct impact on the future of nursing.

actually, take time to do exercise and push up bras Food, also can create the perfect chest. Push ups is the best breast movement, stick to it, you can also make the cup a successful upgrade.


peanut porridge is said to be Ci Xi’s breast recipe, will be 100 grams of peanuts, red dates to the nuclear 100 grams, 20 grams of Astragalus, porridge, menstrual fresh even after 7 days.

in addition, usually eat more soy beans food, pollen, propolis and puerarin on female endocrine regulation, food, health chest are very good.

2, think that the use of steel support to build good woman with breast sponge

in order to make breast more upright, more attractive, "the wire" and "sponge" has been playing an important role. Because the steel supporting a certain weight, can breast compression, affecting blood circulation, will be a long time to occurrence of various lesions of breast tissue. Women in the purchase of the bra, the best choice of no steel support.

even if purchased with a steel support bra, preferably in the removed steel support after wearing, particularly in patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands in the female, it is best not to use with steel support bra, or shorten the brassiere time, to ensure the smooth flow of blood circulation around the breast.

can make chest embody the "main material quite large in the bra" — a sponge, the harm can not be the same. We know, PU sponge bra is composed of the following 4 kinds of raw materials for processing foam from: polyols or ether, toluene diisocyanate, TDI foaming agent and various chemical additives.

TDI in the sponge can be highly toxic chemicals. Although there is no direct evidence that TDI is associated with breast cancer, but the animal experiment proves, TDA toluene methylamine TDI thermal decomposition into two, is recognized as carcinogenic chemicals. By trace TDI gas PU sponge cup escape out of the breast, be absorbed by skin always existing threat.

3, like those lace too much and chemical fiber texture of the bra

many people like lace much bra, feel beautiful and >

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