hit the 74 bar good results

Global golf team to qualify for the WGC’s UEFA Cup Huaxi District finals – Sohu sports August 19, by WGC China, View Ridge Golf Association, cup Mazel title sponsor 2015WGC China Union Huaxi District match and the second session of the "European Mazel in Switzerland stem cells" charity Team Challenge rematch in View Ridge Golf Club successfully withdraw troops, after the preliminaries and the semi-finals of the fierce struggle, global golf team, Bo Chun hawks in the participating teams stand out promotion West Division finals.   (Figure 1) today is the 2 person 4 ball than in the same group, the same group of two players to play the same goal, the top 4 groups in the first 5 groups of the best score for the team’s final score. Compared to yesterday’s 4 players in the 4 ball game players personal strength and mentality, the 2 men and 4 ball game relatively difficult to play 4 people 4 game, both test team strategy and tactics, but also to the same group of players in the degree of understanding of the test. & nbsp; (Figure 2) global golf team and the fifth group of players, with very tacit understanding, in 4. 2 the game, hit the 74 bar good results, other three groups of players were played at the 80 bar, staff 91, 91 bar, total staff the achievement of 336 bar, plus 4 yesterday 4 game 281 rod and the preliminaries 614 rod performance, eventually in the preliminaries and semi-finals 1231 rod total score successful promotion WGC China alliance cup West Division finals. & nbsp; (Figure 3) wuliangchun Bo hawks on the court today called stunning, the 76 lever, 80 bar, bar 81, 81 poles, total rod 318 rod, leading the second lever 14 results, among the semi-finals 4 2 tournament for the first. Upgrading of the final total score to the decisive role; finally wuliangchun Bo hawks with preliminary results 629 rod, semi-finals 606 rod, the total score of 1235 bar results ranked preliminaries and semi-finals total score the second, got the West Division finals another promotion places.   (Figure 4) as a charity game, Huaxi District semi-finals continuation of the preliminaries of the way of charity. Each participating team according to the grouping and matching way and paired teams PK, the losing team offer 2000 yuan charity gold team to win, and then by the winning team will charitable contributions donated to the Huai River mouth the fifth primary school of 18 poor children! In two days of competition, Huaxi District contest a total donation of 20000 yuan. & nbsp; (Figure 5) & nbsp; (Figure 6) cut partition in the final game of global golf team, Bo Chun hawks, and Sichuan also 2 seeded team, and representatives of Chongqing, Xi’an, two city teams in the West Division finals PK, finally won the two teams will represent West Division in WGC China League Cup finals. With other players qualify for the national division, for the WGC Chinese UEFA Cup finals trophy! Wonderful Atlas: Chairman of the Chinese President Xing style player WGC speech & nbsp; View Ridge Golf Club General Manager Gong Zong speech WGC China joint chairman Yang Ding Hua Mr. maximum contribution to the team awards &;

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