i.e. no breast mass is not the existence of breast. In fact

intravenous penicillin, cephalosporin after half month, no effect; and for the diagnosis of tuberculous lymph nodes, for anti tuberculosis treatment, adherence to treatment for six months, the mass does not change, then stopped treatment. Two years later, axillary mass increases rapidly, axillary lymph node biopsy, found that cancer cells, this attention.

check carefully, and found that the left breast slightly swollen, faint with a mass in the breast, breast cancer diagnosis was hospitalized, then do the radical operation of breast cancer, postoperative pathology confirmed breast carcinoma with lymph node metastasis.

female each period in their life are likely to occur in breast disease. In various breast diseases, mainly for breast mass. It is easy to give people an illusion, i.e. no breast mass is not the existence of breast. In fact, breast carcinogenesis, first no lumps appear in the breast and a lot of.

of occult breast cancer from metastasis was found in axillary lymph node to the breast can touch and the interval time of the masses, the short can only a few months, the elderly up to several years, thus appear in axillary lymph nodes will first consider the inflammation or tuberculosis and lead to misdiagnosis.

experts pointed out, in axillary solitary mass as the first symptom of female patient should first consider the occult breast cancer. It should be noted at this time, if the ipsilateral breast slightly swelling or pain and can change touch and unclear border, texture tough glands small, should be promptly carried out the armpit lump biopsy for diagnosis, treatment.

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