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  I visited friends of bridal chamber, has any objection to the 1 5 meters wide bed: two people are not slim, to buy 1 meters to 8 bed spacious, comfortable enough.


because of a little bit crowded, when can’t sleep, she turned to touch him, holding his stomach, face on his solid back, in the warmth of the moonlight, by hand and gently stroked his eye wrinkles, his affection for her home to pay hard, then with his uniform the sound of breathing, happily went to sleep.

because of a little bit crowded, cold winter night, she made a little face, dawdle wiped toner Cream Night Cream Hand Cream Cream, push him too impatient to jump on the cold bed. After twenty minutes into his cover of a warm bed, get cold feet warm leg straight stick him, heard him shout loudly, complacent laughing.


because of a little bit crowded, quarrel, cold war, back to back, hate not to leave a bitter enemy away, can’t do — back to him cry, not looking at him, but still feel his presence; the quilt hard pull over, worried him cold. The ups and downs snoring in the ear, that warm back faint heat flux, the familiar breath could not stop. He turned over, hugged her habit of using hands, even sleep talking her nickname. Irritating guy, actually slept so soundly, like baby quiet innocent face, let the heart soft in a complete mess, fight all disappears, I thought: Well, as long as tomorrow morning he take the initiative to speak, and good.

  so, her mother advised her: he went overseas to earn more money to send back to you spend every day with you, than with a pot of rice to eat, every night with you squeeze the same bed. Within one Zhang Fu ah!

  so, she and he agreed: then how to fight, who also couldn’t go to sleep on the sofa. End of the bed and bedside quarrel, lived in a cozy little home, sleeping in a squeeze on the bed, hot kiss, the United States and the United States, too homely fare home days, villa golden bed does not change.

  she smiled happily. I finally understand: bed, really crowded!

              girl missish, its purpose is not to be out, but to keep him highly offensive, but also for their own to stay a little posterior, he will not ignore you, will only add to your respect for others, be like is easy, but let others to respect you need to pay some effort.

              only such love, is only a noble and magnificent. Of course, this scale is in your hands, if you too will let him away, so appropriate to ambiguous oh!

            1, holding his cheeks do not speak, in the park with his appointment, look at the stars, or clouds, pensive, men tend to have thought to have the depth the woman to love and respect.

            2, know his telephone, to wait until the bell rang 8 times after the answer, don’t be too anxious, even if you so want to hear his voice.

            3, to fight. Life is not only sweet, also have other flavor, or else how can feel sweet? Unreasonable, act in pettish blame occasionally, finally just leave, remember one thing ah, a graceful turn left.

            4, learn to stoop down and pick up things in front of him apart not too close, don’t too far to one meter to one meter five is the best, do not underestimate this action, this is a very sexy action, slightly so a bit temptation, the other is his thing, nothing to do with you.

          5, when having a meal, proper AA system several times, occasionally to please him to eat something, for example, ice cream, melon seeds, French fries or something, when you eat, give him a towel, but do not wipe his mouth.

            6, earned his arms, the way to help him play clothes or dust sweep shoulder, even a bit on the body are not dirty, also want to cop out, this is our rigid flexible and economic.


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